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Meet a club member

Running… a time to escape reality, be with your thoughts, enjoy the outdoors, run with friends, enjoy a social life… whatever your reason to run, we share your passion. At intraining Running and Triathlon Club, whether you are new to running or have been running for years, we are here to help you enjoy every moment.

The intraining club community is unlike any other running club, a close cohesive group of individuals who are here to share a laugh, shed a tear and even discuss things like PB’s, running pace, best chafe cream and even that toenail you lost once running, something that often bores a non-runner to no end.


Meet some of our 700+ strong members who are happy to be part of the intraining family.

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Who: Keiran Gilmore
Club member since: 2009
Running Groups: Tuesday Speed (Indooroopilly) and Thursday Threshold (Indooroopilly)
What inspired you to start running?
Young children can be very stressful. One night after a long day with a baby and a toddler, I decided to get out of the house when my husband came home. He asked where I was going and I said I was going for a walk. I ended up doing a run/walk and decided it was a good way to deal with the stresses of a young family.


Soon after I decided I wanted to see what I could achieve. It is now something I enjoy doing with my children. I love watching them trying to achieve their goals.

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Who: Matt Davis
Club member since: 2013
Running Groups: Tuesday Speed (Indooroopilly) and Thursday Threshold (Indooroopilly)
How did you start running?
I found it hard to fit exercise in between work and family.  But I had a very large colleague at work who began running, and within 12 months was as skinny as a rake and was running marathons in close to three hours.  A second colleague from Germany is even busier than me – but when he came to visit me for a month, I discovered that he was still fitting in training for a half marathon.  I decided that if those guys could make the time, then I could too, and started running on my own one or twice a week.


Who: Scott Douglas
Club member since: 2009
Running Groups: Tuesday Speed (Indooroopilly) and Thursday Threshold (Indooroopilly)
What was the inspiration to start running?
I have always liked running but became hooked in 2009 when a few friends decided to run the March Twilight half marathon.  We joined intraining and haven’t looked back since.


Who: Simon Sauer
Club member since: 2006
Running Groups: Tuesday Speed (Indooroopilly) and Thursday Threshold (Indooroopilly)
What inspired you to start running?
I have always been physically active and played Rugby League and Surf Life Saving.  When I joined the Military, running was the basis for most fitness training.  I got to a position in the Military that meant it became harder to train and thus I needed more goals, to help me remain motivated.  Physical training has always been my “out”- stress relief, coping mechanism.  In 2006, I thought I would give intraining’s group a go, and I am still there.