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Meet a club member – Keiran

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About me

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In 2016, Keiran was awarded the intraining Running & Triathlon Club’s President Trophy and also the Encouragement Award for the Indooroopilly Tuesday morning speed group.  Keiran contributes an enormous amount of time and energy into club activities and she has been instrumental in securing grants from a highly competitive pool of applicants for the intraining club to purchase much needed tents for 2017.
The encouragement award was given largely due to her tenacity and commitment to her and her daughter’s running.

In 2016, Keiran and her daughter Emily encouraged and challenged each other to set new goal

s over distances new to them both.  Keiran raced from 1500m on the track to the marathon. She has also gained her Level 1 Middle distance running coach qualification and helps at times at both the intraining kids training and Tuesday speed training.

“I joined intraining in 2009 and started with the Marathon School in order to complete my first half Marathon. I heard the people say that they were training for the marathon and thought I would never do that. The following year I found myself at the launch of Marathon School to do it all again for my first marathon.

My favourite days are race days when you try and achieve your goal but more importantly share in the successes of our friends. I call Gold Coast Marathon day ‘Runner’s Christmas’.”

Running Facts about Keiran

Favourite Race?

The marathon but I do like half marathons as well. I am not a fan of 10k races!!

What inspired you to start running?

Young children can be very stressful. One night after a long day with a baby and a toddler, I decided to get out of the house when my husband came home.

He asked where I was going and I said I was going for a walk. I ended up doing a run/walk and decided it was a good way to deal with the stresses of a young family. Soon after I decided I wanted to see what I could achieve. It is now something I enjoy doing with my children. I love watching them trying to achieve their goals.

What is it that you enjoy about the intraining community?

The people and the team spirit is what I enjoy with the club. For an individual sport, I very much rely on the team. I don’t know if I would do the training without all those people to talk to and get me through long runs.  These people who started as with a common interest have become great friends and a part of my running family.

What other interests do you have outside work & running?

I have two daughters who enjoy sport. They are both into netball so I help coach their teams and we support The Queensland Firebirds.

What do you do to relax?

I like to hang out with the family and the dog.

Personal Bests (PB’s)

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