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Meet a club member – Matt Davis


MattDavisAbout Matt

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Matt works in an area called “ultracold quantum gases”.  “These can be realised experimentally by taking a small sample of pure atoms of a metal such as sodium or rubidium, and using lasers and magnetic fields to cool them down to a few billionths of a degree above absolute zero.  At such cold temperatures quantum physics takes over, and the gas can become a “superfluid” – it can flow without friction, and rotate only by forming vortices.  “My particular speciality is studying these systems driven away from equilibrium.”

This research has led Matt to be involved in two recently announced Australian “Centres of Excellence.”

“The Centre for Engineered Quantum Systems is trying to develop new ‘quantum technologies’ based on this sort of physics for precision sensing and building new types of devices.  “The Centre for Future Low-Energy Electronics Technologies is trying to develop devices using these ideas that use minimal power – a significant amount of the world’s energy budget goes towards electronics.”


Favourite Race / Distance

parkrun! I do like the 10km distance though.

What running experiences did you have while living in Boulder for 12 months?

I discovered that I really enjoyed running in the snow!  With the right layering it is beautiful on a crisp, cool morning.

What is it that you enjoy about the intraining community?

I really like the positivity and encouragement, regardless of natural ability.

How did you start running?

I found it hard to fit exercise in between work and family.  But I had a very large colleague at work who began running, and within 12 months was as skinny as a rake and was running marathons in close to three hours.  A second colleague from Germany is even busier than me – but when he came to visit me for a month, I discovered that he was still fitting in time to train for a half marathon.  I decided that if those guys could make the time, then I could too, and started running on my own one or twice a week.

I was cajoled by friends into entering the Bridge to Brisbane in 2012, and really enjoyed it. I did it again the next year after qualifying for the “red zone” and had such a good time I decided I would start training more regularly for a half marathon. I met Stephen Walmsley by chance at the Rocks Riverside parkrun trial run, and he encouraged me to come along to an intraining session.

What do you do to relax?

Running has been the very best thing I have found for relaxation!

Personal Best’s (PB’s)

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