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A Christmas Mixed Salad with Chickpeas, Nectarine and Feta

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A delicious Christmas recipe from Liz Lovering, intraining’s accredited sports dietitian

Christmas is the perfect time of year for serving cold foods, whether it be a chilled soup, salads served with a barbeque or a fresh fruit salad.

With the availability of ready washed salad leaves, salads can be quick and easy to prepare, and with a little thought can be a bit more exciting than just a plate of lettuce and tomato. So, make the most of summer and add some new salads to your repertoire.

The Mixed salad with Chickpeas, Nectarines and Feta is one of my favourites.  This salad idea using seasonal stone fruit gives a nice sweet touch that goes well with the feta cheese and chickpeas. I served it with some grilled salmon, but it would go well with any barbequed foods. It also provides a little carbohydrate, perfect for those days when you don’t want or need to eat a lot of bread, pasta or rice etc.

Enjoy and have a happy Christmas


Mixed Salad with Chickpeas, Nectarine and Feta 20191213 083620 1 SQUARE scaled


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Liz Lovering is intraining’s accredited sports dietitian, a qualified chef, an experienced marathoner and coach of intraining’s Cleveland Beginners Running Group. 

Liz is exceptional at helping runners with their individual dietary needs, whether it be pre-event fuelling for a marathon, assisting people with runner’s gut, or simply helping runners plan family meals that will fuel their training.