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Shoes to save your legs while doing high mileage – MIZUNO Sky 3

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Steve “The FOOTMAN” – Shoe review

Shoes to save your legs while doing high mileage MIZUNO Sky 3

“The softness at first heel strike and the smooth transition to toe-off made the Sky one of my favourite shoes to do the bulk of my training….   I recommend this shoe to anyone wanting to increase their mileage without hammering their legs. ”  Steve

History of midsoles:

Running shoes have been constantly evolving over the decades since the first running boom in the 1970s.  While the early focus seemed to be on stability features the innovation of EVA foam midsoles was perhaps an even more significant design factor. 

The first midsoles were made from flat EVA sheets that were cut out and glued together with the uppers and outsole.  Later came injection moulded insoles that had more consistent density, were lighter and could be shaped into different shapes to cradle the foot.  At the same time, there were new cushioning compounds inserted into the midsole like Nike Air, Asics Gel and Brooks Hydroflow. 

While many inserts had a negative impact on the stability the Mizuno Wave plate technology was able to contribute to both stability andNew Project 2 cushioning.  This was possible by changing the wave plate frequency and height while the plate increased the amount of cushioning gained from the midsole below the plate.

In recent years companies have been mixing in ever new cushioning compounds that have taken EVA to another level.  The result has been softer, lighter shoes with a smoother ride.   The practice of blocking foot action has given way to enhancing foot function. 


The Mizuno Wave Sky and Sky Waveknit is a high mileage super cushioned shoe with a very smooth ride.  While this is a neutral shoe it still has significant torsional stability along the long axis of the foot.  This makes it ideal for runners with mild to moderate pronation as well as supinators.  This is a shoe that can easily accommodate orthotics as it is wider and more supportive through the midfoot giving the runner a firm base on the ground.


With the Mizuno Wave Sky and Sky Waveknit, Mizuno has transformed their wave technology with XPOP PU foam and Mizuno Foam Wave. The PU Foam is an insert inside the midsole of a softer more responsive compound.  There is a small section under the shoe with this material that is exposed so you can feel the difference.  Mizuno has some even more amazing compounds in the pipeline to be rolled out over the next year.  The Foam Wave maintains the Wave design while removing the thermoplastic plate.  They combine to create an all-new running experience that makes you feel like you’re floating while running. It also features an AeroHug fit that delivers comfortable security.  With the knitted version this firm fit is enhanced by a superior ability to conform around your individual bumps and lumps.


The Low Down:

I was really surprised by the comfort offered by the original Wave Sky a few years ago.  It seemed to be a departure from the firm shoes that Mizuno had been offering during the minimalist running phase.  The softness at first heel strike and the smooth transition to toe-off made the Sky one of my favourite shoes to do the bulk of my training.  With the latest offering, they have been able to capture that same great feel while somehow enhancing the softness at contact.  With the change from the Wave Plate to the Foam Wave, it has made this shoe lighter and more flexible without losing the responsiveness and protection of the previous versions of the Mizuno Sky.  I recommend this shoe to anyone wanting to increase their mileage without hammering their legs.  

A perfect shoe for a smooth soft ride, click here!

Footman RatingsNew Project 3

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Steve Manning

Steve has worked since the early 1980s to create opportunities for runners of all abilities to pursue their running goals, to establish and maintain a healthy balance of sport, health and work in their lifestyle and to connect with other like-minded and supportive runners. He has done this by creating a community of runners, coaches, sporting podiatrists, physiotherapists and a retail team with a large focus on inclusion and collaboration. He loves runners and how running can change people’s lives. These are intraining Running Centre (Speciality running retail store), intraining Running Injury Clinic with a focus on podiatry and physiotherapy for runners), intraining Training Groups, intraining Running & Triathlon Club. 

Steve is the owner of intraining Running Centre and began working in the store while still a student at school.  He graduated with Podiatry (Hons) in 2001 but while studying was instrumental in establishing the Queensland Sports Podiatry Group,  Steve has been on the board of Sports Medicine Australia Queensland branch since 2006.  He is an Associate Lecturer (Podiatry) at QUT in Sports Medicine

Running…. Steve has run 24 marathons and competed over all distances from the track cross country and the road.  His PB’s are 14:52 for 5000M, 30:41 for 10,000M and has run a 2:33 Marathon.  He is a Level 3 IAAF Running coach and has coached 5 national junior champions.  He loves educating runners of all abilities and experience. Through the intraining Marathon School, Steve has coached thousands of runners over the last 30 years.