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NEW ASICS Flytefoam

AsicsFlyteFoam DSTrainer

Lightweight and durable – A shoe that does it all

DS Trainer 22: Featuring NEW ASICS Flytefoam

The DS Trainer is the high mileage trainer designed with the runner looking for a lightweight shoe with fantastic ground feedback. Whilst the NEW DS Trainer 22 boasts an incredibly low weight, combined with Flytefoam technology it also does not disappoint in cushioning you for the long run.

The DS Trainer 22 incorporates a lean and flexible upper with a durable, rear deceleration-focused midsole to give the result of a light weight, yet safe shoe that delivers for those wanting the best of the cushioned and lightweight worlds.

A closer look at DS Trainer 22


Fully breathable mesh surrounds the whole dorsum, sides and rear of the upper. Moisture is drained immediately when running in long winter grass or in drizzly conditions. The tongue and interior rear portion of the shoe are lined with memory foam for ease of getting into the shoe and reduced blister likelihood. This feature alsAsicsFlyteFoam_DSTrainer1o makes it an entirely practical shoe for triathlon racing where socks are optional and feet are often wet.

The most notable functional improvement in upper design lies in the heel composition. The exoskeleton wraps lower and more anterior, resulting in less medial displacement at initial contact and less overall total rearfoot eversion movement compared to its predecessor. I.e. it is more protective of rearfoot pronation speed and total amount.


The above kinematic improvement in rearfoot pronation is also attributed to the shoes’ midsole.

The Dynamic Duomax midsole design is a combination of two midsole densities strategically placed to help reduce the brake force at contact and also promote propulsive acceleration at take-off. The soft, more comfortable layer is primarily what the sole of the foot feels. The firmer layer is placed deeper under the shoe, along the medial arch and rear foot to help resist arch deformation.

The FlyteFoam midsole material is made from a combination of Kevlar and polyester PET fibres (organic fibres. This is very light and boasts both high stretch and high compression resistance, giving major durability under subjective wear testing.

The Propulsion Trusstic is a regular feature of Asics performance shoes and has been constantly refined. As the rear and forward compartments of the shoe twist throughout the midstance phase, Propulsion Trusstic gathers this potential energy to push momentum forward through the central part of the shoe. It is an integral feature in forward, fast movement required for the efficient runner.


The outsole suits the rest of the shoe. It wears at the rate that the rest of the shoe does, not lasting unnecessarily longer or less. It is well designed to give just enough cushion feel at strike and grip at propulsion, whist not containing bulk rubber where it’s not required.

DS Trainer 22 is a fantastic accompaniment to the runner who moves with ease but trains plenty. It can be used for racing because of its low weight and suitability for the non-sock wearing racer, as well, it is adequately gripped for groomed trail running.

The real drawcard of the DS Trainer 22 is its ability to cope under large mileage. Most lightweight performance shoes deform quickly in the midsole or the upper loses structure quickly. This shoe will take everything you can give it and will support your foot and offer protection needed to prevent over pronation in the rear foot.

If you are looking to try out the latest range of ASICS Flytefoam featured footwear or are keen to get yourself into a shoe that is lightweight and durable, visit the intraining Running Centre in Milton or Indooroopilly. Test the shoes outside in real world conditions and see the results for yourself.