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3 Signs your shoes are too small

Not sure if your running shoes are too small?  

Here the three signs to look for…

#1 Numb toes

After running for 8 to 10km, your toes start to go numb or tingly. Often the third and fourth toes are affected the most and you will get relief when you take off your shoes.  Numbness is a sign of irritation of the nerves that run between the toes.  This happens later in your runs after your foot expands with increased blood flow and muscle use.  

#2 Blisters & Black toenails

Black toenails should not be considered ‘normal’ for a runner.  They occur more frequently with long runs and races but can be avoided with a longer or deeper pair of shoes  

#3 Hot feet or a lump under the foot

The feeling of a lump or stone under the ball of the feet starts after a while and the foot starts to feel warm or hot. This is not a fun experience and can ruin the enjoyment of you runs.  

Your feet should be comfortable, especially when you run the longer distances. There is nothing worse than racing a half marathon or marathon with a pain that not only worsens during the run, but causes you to run differently.  

If you have answered yes to any of the above tips come and talk with our running team at intraining Running Centre. They can help you with some tips to modify your shoes or help you find the right pair.  There are so many different shape designs to running shoes that usually we can help you find a pair to suit.  

By Margot Manning, owner intraining Running Centre, Runner, Podiatrist and Coach.   

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