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Lighter shoes for faster running?

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Article by: Margot Manning (intraining podiatrist, runner and coach)

Can lighter shoes really make me run faster?

This is such a common question. You need to know that there is no substitute for consistent training and a great running program… BUT… the correct pair of running shoes for you and a second, lighter weight pair of running shoes can definitely make a difference to how easily you can run.

The four main benefits of a lighter shoe for faster running are

  1. More responsive feedback from the ground
  2. Less cushioning thickness for your foot to work through
  3. Co-ordination – the faster you run the more co-ordinated your body moves, and the less structure you need at your feet.
  4. You feel light, fast and ready to go!

“Put these four factors together with the shoe and you could soon be running new PB’s.”

Choosing your second shoe can be daunting where there are so much to choose from. Every footwear brand has a range of shoes from the long run shoe, lightweight training shoe, down to the racing shoe.

Gait Analysis
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How do you choose the right shoe?

Most recreational runners would use a lightweight training shoe rather than the racing shoe as their second shoe. When buying your first, second, third or any pair of running shoes it is important to follow these steps to ensure you minimise the chance of injury

  1. Try before you buy: It is good to always try and run in the shoes before buying them to feel the difference between different brands and shoe types and which pair you feel the most comfortable.
  2. Heed the advice of industry professionals: If a shoe is making excessive noise when running, you are over-pronating or simply does not suit your running gait, then take the advise of your local running specialist.
  3. Comfort is key: Ensure you feel comfortable in the shoes before purchasing.

How intraining can help?

At intraining Running Centre, our staff are all runners and have understand how each of the lightweight running shoe alternatives can not only help you run faster, but will also complement your current training shoes.

Our trained footwear experts analyse your running style, outside, in real world conditions, to ensure you are comfortable and the shoes are the best fit for your feet. There is no charge for our comprehensive footwear fitting service with our footwear experts when purchasing shoes. We want you to be comfortable with your choice and enjoy your running.

Whether you are looking for a lightweight alternative to your training shoe or are keen to purchase a second pair of training shoes, let the experts at intraining Running Centre take care of you.

Note: Bookings are not required when visiting the to purchase shoes