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Love 2 Run January news

intraining’s monthly Love 2 Run e-News – January 2016
February is almost here with the first month of 2016 almost done and dusted. Many of you have set New Year Resolutions, which we are sure you are all keeping to…

For those very few that are struggling with motivation in the sticky heat, there are a few little things inside the January edition of Love2Run’s monthly enews below which can provide that source of motivation you are looking for.

In this this issue:
Asics Lite-Show: Brighten up your day with new reflective apparel
Challenge yourself: The easy way to run a half or full marathon in 2016
Fuel your run: Carbohydrates vs Fat… Is there a ‘best’
Running Form Workshop: Run faster & easier with less injury in 2016
Twilight Running Festival: Full size range of singlets available to try

Tired legs? Get in for a tune up at intraining Balance, Core and Rehab Studio

Did you know running facts – Part 21
Men run faster than women due to a number of factors: more muscleMale vs Women... mass, bigger lung capacity, higher levels of testosterone etc… Running economy however tend to be similar.

On the other hand, women who get in shape through running, quickly experience big changes. Their legs and back become toned more quickly and they also lose a few inches off their waists faster than men.

Stay healthy, keep active and have a happy run!


NEW Asics Lite-Show apparel available in store
Prepare to glow during your next pre/post sun run
Running when the sun is down can be an exhilirating experience… often for the wrong reasons. As slimming as black is when it comes to clothing, it can often be unsafe as you dodge cars and bikes who can’t see you.

Well now thanks to Asics’ NEW Lite-Show apparel line, you can have the latest reflective thread available whilst still looking great. Check Ash on our facebook page to brighten you night. Wide range of singlets, shorts and tights available in store.

New Asics Lite-Show apparel - Available at intraining Running Centre


Want to challenge yourself in 2016?
Go back to school with Marathon School
Making the decision to challenge yourself is the first step to realising your goals. If you want to run a half or full marathon you need a lot of time to train… right? Wrong… at intraining Marathon School we have successfully helped people of all abilities train for a half or full marathon with just three key sessions per week.

If you want to find out more, come to our FREE information launch on Sunday 31 January. Ask questions, listen to stories and join in the fun – no obligation to join.

Where: 33 Park Road, Milton
When: Sunday 31 January 2016
Time: 9:00am

Half marathon too far? NEW in 2016, the Couch 2 10k program is designed to help you take the next step up, from weekly parkrun events.

We are here to help you with your goals in 2016


Fuel your run – by Liz Lovering (dietitian)
Carbohydrate and fat … is there a ‘best’?
Our daily food choices provide us with the energy to move and although many nutrients are involved in energy production the two main ones are carbohydrate and fat.

Glucose (obtained from carbohydrate foods) is a very efficient fuel as it can provide energy quickly, without oxygen or when oxygen is a limiting factor (high intensity running). However once we slow down and more oxygen becomes available the contribution of fat as a fuel increases. These different energy systems work… click here to read the full article ‘Fuel Your Run’ in the January edition of ‘From the Sole’ newsletter.

Click here to read the full From the Sole Clinic eNewsletter for this month

‘From the Sole’ articles are written by our intraining Running Injury Clinic podiatry, physiotherapy, dietitian and massage therapy team.

Make an appointment to see one of our clinicians who can assist with diagnosing and treating your running related injury.

Click here to view running injury articles and tips from our clinicians


Running Form Workshop 2016 – 3 weeks in February
The secret to running faster with less injury in 2016
Ever wondered if your running style is correct? Find you’re frequently injured? Want to improve your technique and run easier? The three part 2016 Form Workshop series can help you improve quicker than you thought possible.

When: 6th, 13th and 20th February 2016
Where: University of Queensland Athletics Track
Cost: $99.00 (enrol online here)
Who: Beginner and Advanced sessions
Session 1: 3:00pm-4:10pm for those who run over 25mins for 5km
Session 2: 4:30pm – 5:40pm for those who run under 25mins for 5km

Click here to see more information
2016 intraining Running Form Workshop


Twilight Running Festival – 20 March 2016
Want to try on the 2016 Twilight event singlet or long sleeve tee?
We have recently received the 2016 funky and bright Twilight Running Festival singlets and long sleeve tee shirts in the full size range – including kids singlets in store for trying on.

(register before midnight 1 March and save $$$)

Join in the fun of the Twilight Run and receive one of the following with your registration; 2016 event singlet, Twilight Towel or Twilight Run Visor. Click here to see the funky new designs in 2016

Early bird entry ends 1 March - Register now and save up to $10