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Niggle or injury?


When training for events, it’s not uncommon to feel niggles in your legs and feet. This is a normal sensation as your body adapts to your increased training load with more mileage and speedwork. The delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS) after a recent hard race, a new harder session is a normal muscle soreness you will feel the next day when it can be harder to walk down stairs or climb out of your car. This will go after a day or two as the muscles have repaired and adapted to being used. The difficult part is knowing if a niggle that hangs around is still only a niggle or if it is the beginning of an injury. The earlier you can identify an injury, the less interruption you will have to your training plan.IRIC17_RehabLogoV2

There are three easy checks to help you make decisions towards your upcoming training week

  1. A niggle usually goes after one to two days; Injuries will linger
  2. The pain level of a niggle is very low grading 1-3 out of 10; Injuries grade 5-6+/10
  3. Running with a niggle does not make it worse

If you think the pain you have is more than a niggle, or are just not sure, it is worth booking in to see one of the running podiatrists / physiotherapist to help you diagnose and manage your running issue at the intraining Running Injury Clinic in Milton or Indooroopilly.

Don’t let an injury stand in the way of your happiness. Address an injury early and you will be on the road to recovery sooner than you think.