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Nike Vaporfly 4% – Free speed


Vaporfly4percent3FREE SPEED – The future of running

Nike Zoom 4%

In January 2016, just before the marathon trials for the Rio games. Nike began developing the Vaporfly 4% system and dedicating most of its science to creating the tooling (the bottom portion of the shoe) in June 2013. The tooling features new Nike ZoomX foam that is ultra-lightweight, soft and capable of providing up to 85-percent energy return.

Embedded within the foam is a full-length curved carbon fiber plate that increases stiffness to provide a sensation of propulsion and acts like a coiled spring system with every stride. Together, these features deliver an average of 4-percent improvement in running economy when compared to the Zoom Nike Streak 6 (currently Nike’s fastest racing flat on the market) — which can have a huge impact on how an athlete feels and performs during a race as long as a marathon.

Vaporfly4percent1You are probably thinking… yes, but if it is a racing shoe it will be too light for just the ‘average’ runner to use for a long distance event. Yes, the shoe is incredibly light at just 185g, but thanks to Nikes ZoomX cushioning technology the shoe cushioning feels like your high mileage long distance training shoe. Think we are joking… try a pair on.

3 key features that the ‘average’ runner will love

What do we think of the Nike Vaporfly 4%?

If you’re a 3:30 marathoner this shoe has the potential to help you take 8-10 minutes off of your time without any additional training. Based on feedback from intraining Running Centre customers and staff members, these shoes really do seem to help you run faster for longer. One intraining customer ran over 2 minutes faster on one of his standard courses 12km courses in training and said the shoes felt like he could have kept on going. Whilst the high price tag of $350 may put some people off, the potential gains to be realised are significant.

The question now is … how much does that PB really mean to you?

The Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% is available in limited quantities and is sold out worldwide. Luckily we have a small but limited size run of the Vaporfly 4% available in stock at intraining Running Centre – Milton location.