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We make orthotics to suit your needs and your shoes

Orthotics for running, sport or walking should be designed to:
  • Fit your shoes
  • Be comfortable
  • Adjust and be modified with your running, as you improve, or if they need some tweaking

Two big reasons orthotics can help you!

  1. You have a pesky injury that keeps returning
  2. Every time you increase your mileage you get niggles

Orthotics can help address your biomechanical and structural deficiencies by:

– Balancing out your feet and

– Reducing the stress your body must cope with when you are running

The benefit to you:

– A more biomechanically balanced body can raise the threshold of training that you can safely do before getting injured

– Orthotics customise the shoe to your foot. If you have a different structure on each foot, they can balance out those differences

At the intraining Running Injury Clinic, we use a variety of treatments to help address people’s problems. Often strengthening exercises, changing footwear or making a modification to an insole is enough to handle the biomechanical causes of a runner’s problem. Where appropriate, we use orthotics to create a more significant change.

Private health cover for orthotics

If you have private health insurance with podiatry coverage, you might be eligible for new orthotics each year. Many health funds use a calendar year schedule, so it is worth checking your cover. Don’t waste your cover! Book in to see us before the end of the year for your new orthotics.

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