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intraining Running Centre’s podiatrists and physiotherapists specialise in diagnosing, treating and designing rehabilitation programs for running related injuries. Our team are all runners with extensive experience in the running and sporting footwear world.

Our multidisciplinary clinic specialises in biomechanical assessments, diagnostic  management, strength exercises, running form modifications and orthotics.

our expert team specialise in running injuries

clinical team


intraining Founder, Podiatrist & Coach

clinical team


Podiatrist & Coach

clinical team


Physiotherapist & Podiatrist

Steve Manning Podiatrist BPod (Hons), Level 4 Coach

Steve has been a leader the Brisbane Running and podiatry community for over 40 years.

He has a special interest in footwear biomechanics – the interaction between footwear design, and your running gait.

Other notes about Steve.

  • intraining Founder & Managing Director, Podiatrist & Running Coach (Level 4 AT&FCA)
  • Over 40 years’ experience working with runners as a coach and running shoe expert
  • President and Member Sports Medicine Australia, Queensland
  • Established intraining Running & Triathlon Club 1994
  • Owned and operated intraining Running Centre since 1992
  • Associate Lecturer in Sports Podiatry, QUT, 2018
  • Sessional Tutor in Sports Podiatry, QUT
  • Established the Queensland Sports Podiatry Group
  • Completed 24 marathons – fastest 2:33
  • Personal Best times:  5K 14:52, 10K 30:41, Half 1:09

Margot Manning Podiatrist BPod (Hons), Level 2 Coach

A love of running, competing, coaching and working in-store at intraining Running Centre has given Margot a deep understanding of running injuries and the frustrations runners find of not being able to run.

  • intraining Director, Podiatrist & Running Coach (Level 2 AT&FCA)
  • Started coaching in 1989
  • Junior athlete specialist coach
  • Personalised training program for beginners to marathoners
  • Special interest in foot, ankle, knee, general running injury management and running form
  • Personal Best times:  5K 16:36, 10K 35:35, Half 1:18, Marathon 3:01
  • Established intraining Running & Triathlon Club 1994
  • Director intraining Runners School

Doug James Podiatrist BPod (Hons), Physiotherapist MPhysio, Level 1 Coach

By combining the unique combination of podiatry and physiotherapy, along with 20+ years’ experience in the sports footwear industry, Doug has a wealth of knowledge in being able to accurately diagnose and treat all manner of stubborn and chronic injuries.

  • Multi-disciplinary allied health professional
  • Assist with patients from beginner through to elite athlete
  • Special interest in achilles tendon injuries, planter faciitis (Fasciosis), knee pain (including ITB) and hip injuries
  • Provides strength and conditioning for runners
  • Dry needling
  • Post surgery specialist
  • Over 20 years’ experience in sports footwear
  • Custom makes orthotics
  • New York Marathon survivor