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Give your new running friends the gift of running…

5 Tips you can give to new runners.  

You know the benefit of running and how it has changed your life in so many ways.  We will have a little something set up you to pass on to a friend or family member whom you’d love t see running too.   This is your chance to muscle up, throw back your shoulders and with pride say…
“I know exactly how to help. Running is my specialty”.
Don’t be deterred if they screw up their nose and say …
“I hate running”, or “but it’s so uncomfortable”
Just smile, be prepared to patiently nurture them through the process and put this simple checklist and 5 tips of “How to make running easier” in place. LINK
Sharing the love of running or even an insight into your running world to a new runner is incredibly rewarding.
Take a moment over the next few weeks to Pay it Forward and make sure your friends new to running are tracking comfortably.

Send these Top 5 Tips to making Running Easy to your new runner.

Click HERE and we will make it easy for you with an email you can forward on to your friend.

The email package will include:

Click HERE for that free package of Run tips and don’t forget to add your own running story when sharing it with them.

Make it easy for you and your new runner.

Just so you know…   This is a snapshop of our 5 Tips to Make Running Easy.

The link for a more detailed explanation is below.

Tip #1 Start slow
Tip #2: Wear the right shoes
Tip #3: Get out the door even if you don’t want to.
Tip #4: Pain in your feet and legs should not last
Tip #5: Enjoy the scenery and smile
A more detailed explanation you can share with your new runner is HERE.
Share this link to help them make running easier.
LINK:  5 TIPS to Make Running Easier