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Personalised Training Programs

Personalised programs for all your goals

personalised training programs


The best place to start if you are new to running.  Be directed with the right sessions for you.  

personalised training programs


Get the right training structure and race day strategies for great marathon experiences.

personalised training programs

Half marathon

Be guided for your first half marathon or use a personalised programming to get faster.  

Who would benefit from a personalised program?

  • Busy people who want to set goals or need accountability to their training 
  • Beginner runners wanting to complete a specific distance
  • Marathon and half marathoners targeting new goals
  • Juniors who want to compete at championship events

Your personalised take-home program includes:

Initial 45 minute consult in the clinic or online.

Tailored 6 weeks of training covering:

  • pacing goals for each session
  • scheduled weekly speed sessions, races and long runs
  • goal setting and progressive training load for improvement

Costs: $95 per 6 weeks

Meet some of our runners

Meet your coaches for a personalised program

personalised training programs

Steve Manning: Level 4 accredited Athletics Australia

  • Started coaching at 18 years of age
  • Coached recreational runners for marathons and half marathons since 1986
  • Coached Junior athletes to:
    • World Junior Cross Country Championships
    • Oceania Championships
    • Gold Medals at Australian Track and Field Championships – schools and Athetic Australia meets
  • Coached Adult athletes to:
    • National Championships in Cross Country, Track and Road Events
    • Break 3 hour marathons  and run PB’s of all speeds from 2:30 – 6 hours
    • Podium finishes in Marathon, Half Marathon, 10km, and 5km Events
    • Run their first Marathon
    • Triathlons
  • Founded intraining’s Marathon School in 1990
  • Personally competed in marathons, half marathons, Cross country at national championships
  • Holds PB’s of
    • Marathon: 2:32
    • Half Marathon: 1:08
    • 10km: 30:32
    • 5km: 14:52
personalised training programs

Margot Manning: Level 2 accredited Athletics Australia

“I love helping runners not only to train, but to develop skills to run mindfully, and mentally strong.  Any runner at any level of speed of fitness can develop these skills.”

  • Started coaching at 22 years of age
  • Presenting and teaching Recreational runners how to run marathons and half marathons since 1994 
  • Coached Junior athletes to:
    • National Junior Cross Country & Track Championships
  •  Coached adult athletes to:
    • Run their first Marathon, Half marathons and 10km
    • Learn to run
  • Developed the online Runners School
  • Founded the Couch to 10K program
  • Personally competed in marathons, half marathons, cross country and track at national championships
  • Holds PB’s of
    • Marathon: 3:01
    • Half Marathon: 1:18
    • 10km: 35:35   
    • 5km: 16:36