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Peter Jardine’s Story

solly and Peter Jardine

My Marathon Story

with Peter Jardine, intraining Marathon Schooler

I had long been a casual runner.  While mostly running on my own without much purpose, structure or

knowledge my running was not improving.

Running became more important, as a form of rehabilitation, following initial recovery from a ladder fall. 

I was looking for ways to improve and for a more structured approach. I joined the intraining club and connected with the intraining Chermside Speed group in 2016.  For the first time, I had access to professional coaching, a structured program and the support and encouragement of a running group… It was wonderful.

I initially worried about ‘fitting in’ to a serious running group but found a culture of inclusion, acceptance and the accommodation of all levels of ability. In particular, experiencing the resilience and determination of members of the group, some overcoming significant challenges, was very motivating.

My initial goal in 2018 was simply to train for a marathon.  I joined the intraining Marathon School, had a medical check-up, followed the program and seminars and maintained a training diary.  This helped my confidence.

A highlight of this preparation was achieving a 10k personal best of 46:53 two weeks prior to my goal marathon.

It seemed that all the training, the experience of the Marathon School and the learnings from the intraining Run Talks (pace, restraint, tactics and negative splits) synergised in this event.

“Trusting the program’ was the key to actually getting to the start.”

The marathon itself was very different to longer training runs. Focusing on the basics of pace, posture and hydration while wanting to take in and enjoy the atmosphere was challenging. My initial pacing plan was probably too ambitious. Fatigue and muscle cramps became factors after about 28 kilometres of running. At this point, I seriously doubted that I could finish.

Then my intraining coach, Solly, joined me.  She ran with me, encouraged and supported me through the final 10 kilometres.

Solly and Peter
Peter Jardine with Coach Solly

Her lovely thoughtfulness was quite unexpected but very indicative of the support and mentoring throughout the intraining Marathon School program from coaches and program leaders. Experiencing the support of family and my training group through the preparation and at the finish was also extraordinary.

On a number of levels, the marathon experience was wonderful. Competing successfully requires careful preparation, experience and knowledge.

Perhaps the greatest lesson I learnt was that it is a team that gets you there rather than simply an individual effort.  


A note from Peter’s intraining group coach,  Solly Litchfield

It’s hard to explain in words what it was like to be a part of Peter’s marathon journey. It was more than simply being a coach. Peter has always been about supporting those around him before himself. He notices all the finer details of our group member’s accomplishments. He knows everyone by name and is always there to cheer them. So to watch Peter commit himself to achieve his own goal at 65 years young was beyond special.

While I ran his final 10k with him, he thanked me frequently but by the end, I wanted to thank him. Peter is a humble and gracious man who after only starting running recently, has now run his first marathon… and I got to be a part of it!

People like Peter inspire you to want to be and do better, to dig deeper when it hurts and to always remember that the joy of running is more about the people we run with than any time on a watch. We often say in our group at Chermside, “I want to be like Peter when I grow up!” Well, if I can be half the person he is at 65 I’ll be doing ok!


RUNNERS SCHOOL (Marathon School) is a team effort.  We love that, runners can be supported by not only their own coach but the entire team of coaches from all the different groups.

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