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If you have a running injury that is keeping you from doing what you love, our team of running injury specialists are constantly researching the latest methods to assist in overcoming your injury problems. Click here to view the intraining Running Injury Library of articles.

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Looking for running injury articles, advice and tips. Download an edition of ‘From the Sole’ below which features articles, tips and information on running injuries. Articles and tips are contributed by intraining Running Injury Clinic podiatrists, physiotherapist, dietitian and massage therapist.


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September 2018 Twilight Bay Run Spechial

In this article:

- Are you ready to run like a Kenyan?
- How to manage injuries and get back on the road
- Do you buy a shoe based on how it looks?
- Are you worried about trying your first 10km or half marathon?
- Is an injury getting in the way of your Twilight training?
- Chickpea flour and polenta bake recipe
- How to supercharge your running form
August 2018

In this article:

- Are your shoes affecting your running style?
- Don't let gut issues sideline you this racing season.
- Why isn't my running style perfect?
- Are shoe spikes or waffles causing heel pain in your kids?
- In the thick of it: Does your running style cause calluses?

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May 2018

In this article:
- Shin Pain: How do you know what it is and how to treat it?
- Why practice good running form?
- Skin muscle stretches.
- Can shoes really make me run faster?
- Recipe - Vegetable soup with chicken, quinoa and lentils.

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April 2018

In this article:
- Raced hard? Now recover well!
- Self massage tools.
- Recovery nutrition.
- The science of compression garments.
- Stay injury free. Check your shoes.

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February 2018

In this article:
- Did I buy the wrong shoes?
- Active child with joint pain in the foot?
- Recipe - Salmon and feta pie.
- Don't let heel pain stop your kids from running

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January 2018

In this article:
- Is your Child running too hard too soon?
- Keep your kids feet secure. 3 lacing tips you need to know.
- Summer Hydration - when water is not enough.
- Heel Pain.

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