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On the spot private health rebates apply for many of our services

Initial Consultation $135

This is the best place to start if you have injuries or need advice on both injury and Footwear. We allocate forty-five minutes for a biomechanical and gait analysis, footwear advice and selection, treatments and an initial management plan.

Private health fund codes:
Podiatry F004 ($135)

Simple Foot Care $95

New and returning patients are allocated half an hour for cutting toenails, removal of hard skin, the treatment of cracked heels and diabetes assessments. DVA and Work Cover accepted. Medicare EPC referrals accepted (patient pays $90 and Medicare reimburses the patient $52.95).

Private health fund codes:
Podiatry F012 ($95)

Return Consultation $95

Half an hour is generally allocated for all ongoing appointments.

Private health fund codes:
Podiatry F012 ($95)

Orthotics + Appointment Fees for Set up / Dispense and Checks (See below)

If our podiatrists decide orthotics are required, then this is the pricing and appointments required for orthotics. It includes the option of 3D laser scanning, prescribing, digital design, manufacturing.

Private health fund codes:
F267 Customised Orthotics for Running ($399)
F221 Customised CadCam manufactured orthotics ($499)
*An initial consultation ($135) is always required first to determine if you actually need orthotics. A biomechanical assessment is required if it is your follow up from an initial ( not always needed) (F118 $99), A fitting consultation (F010 – $79) as well as a review consultation (F010 – $79) are also required and these are not included in the actual orthotic cost.

Ingrown Nail Surgery $440

If a permanent ingrown nail solution is required we can perform a neat procedure using local anaesthetic.

Private health fund codes:
F012 ($90) + F546 ($350)
*Please note that the 24hr review and 1 week review appointments are not included (F012 – $90 each)

Ingrown Nail Surgery Extra Sides $200 each

Sometimes more than one edge of a nail will need treatment. This cost is for every extra nail edge treated.

Private health fund codes:
F546 ($200) to be added for each extra side