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Running accessories

Whether you are looking for a good pair of running socks or even advice on portable hydration or nutritional advice on products, our friendly team of staff at intraining Running Centre are here to help you with all your running accessories.

Portable Hydration

Hydration packs and waist belts allow you to carry your hydration, as well as small personal items and nutrition on the run. Handheld bottles offer an alternative with less storage. We stock Camelbak and Ultimate Direction products.


Fuel your training with an incredible array of nutrition products such as energy gels, lollies and bars, carbohydrate, electrolyte and protein drinks, protein bars and electrolyte supplements. Brands include Hammer Nutrition, Endura, GU, Saltstick, and Hammer.


Technical socks can enhance your running experience by improving the comfort and functioning of your feet, and reducing the risk of blisters and hot spots. Brands include Thorlo, Lightfeet, Injinji and CEP


Running sunglasses are lightweight, and their high-quality lenses offer fantastic protection from UV rays during exercise. We stock sunglasses from Tifosi and Adidas Eyewear.


Compression products are designed to promote improved recovery by encouraging increased blood flow and reducing muscle vibration during exercise. Research findings suggest recovery benefits when compression is worn post-exercise, but research is yet to conclude benefits during exercise. We stock a range of short tights, long tights and calf compression products from 2XU and CEP

Bags and Packs

Find the ultimate product to carry your personal belongings on the run. Discrete waist belts, backpacks, armpockets, and other solutions are available in-store from Armpocket, Spibelt, Flipbelt, Camelbak and Ultimate Direction.


Your shoes would be nothing without laces. You can customize and personalize the fit of your shoes by changing the laces. Conventional laces are perfect for everyday training and provide a secure and comfortable fit. Elastic laces like those from Yankz are fantastic for speeding up triathlon transitions.

Anti-Chafe Products

Anti-chafe products withstand sweat and water to reduce friction, and decrease the risk of skin irritation and chafing, even in the most vunerable areas of the body. Improve your comfort on the run with products from Bodyglide, Skinstrong and Striderm available at intraining.