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Meet the staff

Get to know your running specialist at intraining Running Centre retail stores at Milton and Indooroopilly. Our friendly staff are here to help you enjoy your running even more. Whether you need advice on your next GPS watch purchase, need advice on nutrition for your training and racing or just need piece of mind utilising the experience and know-how of our trained footwear specialist team – we are here to help.

Meet the team at intraining Running Centre

Tess_FabianName: Theresa Fabian
What she does: intraining Running Injury Clinic Manager
About Tess: Coming soon…



Liam_Woollett17Name: Liam Woollett
What he does: Footwear specialist and avid runner
About Liam: Liam has been working at intraining since early 2014 and enjoys interacting with customers who visit the store. Liam loves hearing running stories from customers, from personal bests to how you first started running. Liam is an active member of the intraining Running Club and enjoys being a part of the community.

Liam is particularly interested in nutrition and making sure runners of all abilities have the perfect shoe fit (and if I can, shoe colour too). Liam’s goal for next year is to have an injury free season, get through a half marathon in under 70 minutes, and run under 14:30 for 5km.

Hamish_HamiltonName: Hamish Hamilton
What he does: Footwear specialist and avid runner
About Hamish: Hamish has been working at intraining since 2014. Hamish really enjoy the variety of people who visit the store. Whether just starting out or a veteran everyone brings a new story of achievement both big and small.

As a runner himself, Hamish enjoys sharing running adventures and tries to assist in providing knowledge regarding every aspect of running.  Hamish strives to make sure every person who visits intraining is equipped with the knowledge and tools to make running even more enjoyable. Hamish is a qualified running coach and loves helping others reach their goals.

He believes running is one of the few sports that can truly show your personality and character. Hamish’s personal goals for the future are to reach (or go under!) 15 minutes for 5km, and improve my times over all distances.

comingsoonName: Daniel Crockett
What he does: Footwear specialist and avid runner
About Dan: Dan joined the intraining family in 2016 and enjoys everything about running. Dan understands footwear selection is important and being able to recommend the best fitting shoe for customers is something he strives to achieve every time. Daniel is a third-year podiatry student and uses his ever increasing knowledge of the lower limb, to assist in fitting shoes to each person’s unique running gait.

As well as being a runner himself, Dan is able to relate to goals and frustrations on running related issues. He knows how important it is to have good fitting and comfortable shoes to keep you happy and enjoying your running.

Name: Daniel Manning
What he does: Footwear specialist and avid runner
About Daniel: Daniel first started running with intraining when he was being pushed in a pram.  Since learning to talk, walk and run on his own two legs he has extensive running knowledge in his veins.

Daniel has a wealth of knowledge and experience, whether that relates to footwear, training, running gadgets or nutrition – he can point you in the right direction.  Daniel has been helping people find the best running shoes to fit customers feet since 2013. If you have any questions about getting into running, the right footwear, training or even upcoming events in the area – he is your man.  Daniel’s mantra “Its not about the quality of the quote that matters, it’s the truth that lies behind it.”

MurielName: Muriel McLean
What she does: Footwear specialist and avid runner
About Muriel:


comingsoonName: James Bell
What he does: Footwear specialist and avid runner
About James: Coming soon…


comingsoonName: Shaun Lee
What he does: Footwear specialist and avid runner
About Shaun: Coming soon…


comingsoonName: Prue Mitchell
What she does: Footwear specialist and avid runner
About Prue: Coming soon…