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RUN with a plusher foot strike With the NEW Mizuno Foam Wave Technology Wave Sky 3 & Wave Horizon

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RUN with a plusher foot strike

With the NEW Mizuno Foam Wave Technology

Wave Sky 3 & Wave Horizon

Review by Steve Manning, intraining Running Centre founder, Podiatrist, QUT Podiatry Lecturer, Marathoner, Coach L4

Major changes have occurred with the Mizuno Wave 3 with the potential to make your run smoother, with a more luxurious ride and a lighter feeling shoe. 

Footwear technology innovation over the years has sometimes been transformational and other times has been directed towards the dustbin of history.  The technology that has stuck has been both theoretically and practically excellent.  The Mizuno Wave plate is certainly in this category.

The Mizuno Wave has been one of the few types of footwear technology that has a big impact on both the cushioning and stability of a shoe.  But even the best technology eventually needs updating. With the continuing change in our understanding of footwear biomechanics and the improvements in materials technology, the Wave technology had to change too.


While the Wave technology has made many changes over the last 30 years the new Foam Wave introduced in the Wave Sky and Wave Horizon represents the most radical change in design.  They have removed the thermoplastic wave plate and incorporated the wave into the midsole.  This has allowed them to decrease weight while extending the wave technology through to the toes.

The result is a much plusher initial foot strike and a smoother transition to propulsion. 

The previous Wave Sky was one of my favourite long run shoes as it had great responsiveness while not sacrificing support.  The new Wave Sky with the Foam Wave feels just as supportive while making it feel easier to run a little faster.  The XPOP core has a lot to do with this as it is a softer but more durable foam sitting on top of the firmer Foam Wave Midsole.

 Watch the video clip to see the redesigned NEW Wave technology by Mizuno.

I expect the Wave Sky to be an even more successful model for Mizuno and the Foam Wave technology to be eventually incorporated throughout their range.  I highly recommend you try on the Mizuno Wave Sky next time you come into the intraining shop to update your runners.

The Wave Sky3 and Wave Horizon are available at intraining Running Centre, 33 Park Rd, Milton.  Make sure have a run in the Mizuno Sky or Horizon when you come in.  Our Friendly running team will help you out. Phone 07-3367-3088.

You can also Book in with Steve and our Podiatry team for a more thorough shoe fitting, and biomechanical analysis.  

This is perfect if you are new to running, have more difficult feet to fit, or continually get niggles and injuries.

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Steve Manning


Steve Manning has worked since the 1980s to create opportunities for runners of all abilities to pursue their running goals, to establish and maintain a healthy balance of sport, health and work in their lifestyle and to connect with other like-minded and supportive runners. He has done this by creating a community of runners, coaches, sporting podiatrists, physiotherapist and retail team with a large focus on inclusion an collaboration. He loves runners and what running can bring to people’s lives.
Steve is the owner of intraining Running Centre, a podiatrist, Associate Lecturer QUT, marathoner, Level 4 Running coach, member of the Queensland Sports Medicine board, and doting dad.