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Presented by intraining Running Injury Clinic
Podiatrists | Physiotherapist | Dietitian

Run101 is an informative day of seminars and workshops designed to empower you with skills and knowledge you’ll need to maintain your fitness goals and improve your running capabilities. The sessions will be run by our experienced intraining clinicians; including podiatrists, physiotherapist and dietitian.

Our clinicians are all runners and can relate to your thoughts and desires as an injured or aspiring runner.

Date: Sunday 21st January 2018
Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm
Cost: $150.00
Location: intraining Running Centre – 33 Park Road, Milton

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Utilise the knowledge gathered at Run101 and develop your running form in 2018. Check out the Running Form Workshop held over three weekends in February. Join Run101 and Running Form Workshop individually or as a package and save on your booking fee.

Who is Run101 suitable for?

New runners

New runners wanting to set goals and give themselves the best start possible on their running journey by gaining knowledge about injury prevention, training and goal setting, good nutrition and footwear.

Experienced runners

More experienced runners wanting to improve their performance, improve their training capacity, further their knowledge and take a reinvigorated approach to running.

How it works?

The session will be presented by intraining Running Injury clinicians, including; podiatrists, physiotherapist and dietitian.

Our intraining clinicians will spend time discussing these topics, answering your questions, and involving all participants with hands on practical demonstrations.

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So, whether you’re new to running, or an experienced runner, the Run101 Conference Day presented by intraining Running Injury Clinic offers you the opportunity to reach your 2018 fitness and running goals.

What is included?

  • Day long seminar with hands on practical demonstrations by specialist clinicians.
  • Lunch and morning tea will be provided and prepared by intraining’s dietitian and chef Liz Lovering.
  • Conference booklet containing information such as product and injury fact sheets, recipes and more.
  • Opportunity for a Q&A at the conclusion of formal presentations.

Topics covered during conference

Experienced runners
  • Planning your training to achieve your 2018 goals
  • Making a start
  • Speedwork & racing
  • Training progression presentations.
Injury prevention
  • Common running-related injuries
  • Self diagnosis
  • Do I see a health professional?
  • Management and rehabilitation
  • Prognosis & return to training
Strength and conditioning for runners
  • Balance & core exercises
  • Purpose for training and rehab
  • Correct technique
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Diet and nutrition
  • Pre and post training nutrition
  • Essential foods and food groups for runners
  • Weight management
  • Hydration
  • Meal ideas and tips for busy runner
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Footwear and equipment
  • Choosing the right shoe for you and your running
  • Benefits of owning multiple pairs
  • Minimalist vs maximalist shoes
  • Modifying shoes to suit your biomechanics
  • Running accessories including product advice and recommendations
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