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28 Jun

Runners School

Runners School

Reopens July 10

We are excited about this next phase of running school. 

There are still many fun run opportunities, and then we kick on towards the summer months where we focus on running form and turn running long to running “fun”. 

Plus… if you are thinking of coming to Run New York in 2020 with us…   then now is as good a time as any to renew your running mojo. 

Before we share some of our runner’s stories, here is the link to find out more about Runners School.  intraining Runners School

Take a moment and check out what has happened in the last year of Runners School

From our Marathon Schoolers

Darren Manson has surprised himself as he runs each marathon faster and greater strength.

He joined intraining’s Marathon School in 2018 and ran his first marathon at Gold Coast.  This year, while training with intraining’s Runners School, he smashed his PB at the Brisbane Marathon and is on to finish his 3rd marathon at Gold Coast. 

Listen to what he says his first at Gold Coast 2018 HERE

Keith Brewster ran a very successful and happy first half marathon at Brisbane in June.  The power of understanding and implementing pacing strategies gave him the boost to come home strong…  “I felt like a young man passing so many runners.”

Keith Brewster, Helen Davidson, Kay Toy & Mike Dickson celebrating their runs after the BMF Half Marathon (June 2019)

Mike Dickson ran his race to plan with even splits and a much more enjoyable and energetic finish than ever before.    “(This race is) the first time I’ve felt great for the entire duration”

Being able to run strong in the second half of your race is a huge confidence boost in knowing what you are capable of and how to run future races. 

From our Couch to 10km Runners….

Emma Louise ran her first 10km at Brisbane after going through our Couch 2 10km program which began in February.   “It was so nice to have all the encouragement from the red and white singlets along the way”.  

The strength you gain from your running community gives a huge boost when you are running to meet your goals.  

Linda Graham  ran her first 10km at Brisbane Road Runners Club in April…. This was her test to make sure she felt confident enough to run the Twilight 10km.   “I entered the Twilight 10km in January and was somewhat regretting it, but now I know I will be able to finish it and enjoy myself”  

For Linda, taking the leap into running was huge.  She had spent the last 10 years watching her daughter train and race, never wanting to run herself.   This year that changed and we feel so lucky to be able to share her new running journey with her.

Creating memorable running experiences is so much easier when you have the support, structure and learning. 

Join us in Runners School.  

Doors open again July 10. 

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