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Running at the Mouth

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Running at the Mouth 

with Margot Manning 

What’s your most interesting start line experience?

Maybe you’ll find this at the New York Marathon in 2020 

The running year for 2020 is looking pretty exciting!!

Let me explain why…

Being on the start line of a race is one of my favourite moments. 

The excited chatter amongst your running buddies after months of training.  Good luck handshakes from strangers who have just become your best friend.  Watching the nervous tension of the bouncing athlete.  Being crushed by the crowd jostling for their best start…  And the sudden hush as race count down begins.   I LOVE IT!!!

Well, Guess what?

We are about to take this to a new level with our intraining community going to the NEW YORK Marathon!!!

Yep… in 2020 I am going to be able to stand on the start line of one the world’s greatest marathons in one of the world’s most exciting cities with way over 50 of my running friends. 

I can’t wait!

That start line crowd crush is going to take on a whole new meaning. 

I’m counting on there being more than one stranger spreading their startline cheery Goodluck handshakes!!  In fact, it’s likely I’ll be the stranger dishing them out with my newly found best friends. 

And, there is definitely going to be a pre-race tear.  When that national anthem is being sung, I’ll be standing there amongst the 1000’s with my hand across my heart loudly singing to the American national anthem knowing that I’m with my community of runners, on the other side of the world ready to do a marathon. 

Imagine that.

You know…  You can come too.  

In fact, we’d love you to join us.  Sharing the joy of running is central to every single thing we do at intraining.   So why not come and experience something pretty amazing with our community of runners.

You will have over a year to train for this. 

It won’t matter if you can’t even run the entire 42.2km.

We can help you with programs. 

If you start now or at least start thinking about training now, it will be so much easier to keep your training going over the summer, into the new year and to the New York Marathon start line. 

You can even bring your family. 

So… is this possible? 

Come and find out.  HERE

This Monday night, 19th August, 7 pm at intraining Running Centre, we have an information night.  You can REGISTER for the information night HERE.

intraining has teamed up with Adventure Time Travel who will be our New York Marathon Travel Guides.  They have an amazing package that will guarantee you an entry to your New York Marathon.

You’ve got to know that getting an entry to the New York Marathon is hard.

So when you go with a group, you can be sure you will on the start line of the New York Marathon. 

Finding accommodation that is close enough to ALL the New York Marathon celebrations can be tricky.  Adventure Time Travel has totally got this with it set up so that we can even stay together as a group. 

Getting to the start of the race on Staten Island by 6 am then waiting in the cold for your start at 10 am might not be fun if temperatures drop to 6 degrees. 

Don’t worry, they have secured a room on Staten Island that is warm, protected from the weather, with breakfast, and toilets.   (This is my FAVOURITE part of the Adventure Time Travel Package)

So, don’t take too long to decide.  It’s the 50th year of the New York Marathon.  Tickets are about to be released and they will go fast, rooms will be booked and getting a place on the start line could become tricky. 

More importantly.  Make your 2020 year of running AWESOME and even more awesome with a running community. 

For me, an adventure of a lifetime is not just running an interesting marathon.  I believe an adventure of a lifetime is doing this with your running friends and community of runners you know. 

Come and join us and do the 50th year of the New York Marathon. 

Happy Running & here’s to a very, very exciting year ahead!!


P.S.  If you want to find out more, Register HERE for the Info Night.  Anna Liptak from Adventure Time Travel will be there to tell you how it all works.