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Running at the Mouth

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Running at the Mouth 

with Margot Manning

Buying Running shoes is like buying fine wine.

Each pair you sample gives sensory feedback you can put eloquently into words that can describe the balance, the body and weight of your ride, and the length of your runners high when you finish.

Just like your taste buds dance to the swish of wine, the mechanical receptors in the tendons of your feet and ankles fire and respond to the movement between you, the shoe and the road. It’s synergy.

Don’t worry if you are not poetic like a wine buff or even knowledgeable about shoes like some of your running mates. You will learn with every pair you try if it is smooth, super soft, well-balanced, or responsive. After several pairs, you can say whether your legs and feet feel happy to be back in something familiar, or if your run felt explosive and fast. And finally, be prepared for change. As your body’s strength changes with training so will what you need from your running shoes.

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Trust your instincts and don’t worry about what was right for someone else. Take the time to truly test your running shoes. Become a running shoe connoisseur and your experiences will be so much more enjoyable.

Finally, you can always add to your running experience with a celebration of running stories with a glass of wine and your friends.

Happy Running


P.S. Read more about how to know which shoes are right for you in Steve’s article.  Click here.

steve and margot profileSteve and Margot Manning, Founders of intraining Running Centre, Podiatrists & Coaches.

Margot and her husband Steve own intraining Running Centre and have been coaching for more than 30 years.   
They have created intraining to help people of all ages and abilities to run by developing coaching groups and programs, the intraining running shop, their podiatry & physiotherapy running injury clinic, the intraining Running & Triathlon Club, Twilight Run Fun Runs and an awesome team of coaches.    They love running and want to share this with everyone.


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