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Running at the Mouth

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Running at the Mouth

by Margot Manning

The 4 things you need to create memorable running experiences

Running is about your experience.  How you perceive this experience is based on the outcome of your performance.  

Now don’t get the word performance confused with racing or competition.  It is simply a way to describe the act of your running based on your predetermined running goals. The goal you set establishes your training and the way you think as you craft your running experience.  

For some runners, this experience is to run with their running community and friends, while others want a specific time or distance to push towards.

It doesn’t matter what type of runner you are, or the experience you are wanting, there are four key areas that you will naturally put in place. These are:  

  1. Your expectations
  2. Your running shoes
  3. Your community
  4. Your choice to participate or race

It’s a running package.  

These four areas inside your package are not all equal and will change for you at different times in your running journey.  That’s what makes your running experiences so interesting, exciting, and at times frustrating. If you are willing to be flexible in how you use these four areas you will be able to create memorable running experiences nearly every time.  The beauty of this means that you can enter multiple fun runs, with changing expectations and different experiences.

Every runner has the ability to create memorable running experiences.  What will yours be for 2019? 

You may enter at UQ Twilight Run and have a memorable running experience with friends and families! 

Over the next few weeks Steve & I will share with you our “Crafting Your Running Experiences” Run Talk Series, starting this Wednesday, 10th April.  

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