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Running at the Mouth


Running at the Mouth

Thank heavens for my shoes!!

“Sheer elation!! “

That’s how Amanda Cutlack, an intraining marathon schooler, described her feeling after finishing her first marathon. 

“There was a mix of emotions, but more than anything it was just elation that I had accomplished my goal” 

You have probably felt this too. 

It’s that moment when you cross the line and all the energy and focus of the race suddenly hits…

“I am a marathoner!”

All those hours spent on the road, the mornings you woke up early, the Sunday afternoons you had to work extra hard to stay awake and be nice to your family, the niggles that kept you rolling on that masochistic tool called the ITB roller and all those different shoes you needed to stay on the road.  

Yep…  All worth it… Thank you, family, thank you running friends, thank you training, thank you coach, and thank heavens my shoes worked!!


Really, how many times have you after a race thought “Wow, that race was really awesome because of my shoes?”   …. Probably not too many times.

Now think, how many times have you run those long distances and cursed your shoes because your feet had pain.

I’m talking about pain that makes your feet burn, or go numb.  Or that horrible sensation where it feels like your sock has balled up under your toes and you feel like you are running on a lump.   Maybe it’s that relentless pins and needles in your outside toes where no matter how hard you wiggle them, this pain does not go away.   

Blisters and black toenails might be your problem.  Whatever it may be, all you know is that with every step a distraction of pain shoots through that you don’t need.  While this might only present in a small way in training, come race day, the discomfort escalates to a level you would not have anticipated. 

None of this should happen, and never should black toenails be considered a badge of honour.  When it comes to the later part of your races, you want your focus to be calm. 

You want to be working towards that zone where you feel like you are flying, and you want to have as clear ahead as possible to keep to the task of finishing strong.  Dealing with other distractions will only hinder your ability to stay motivated. 

Luckily, you can prevent this from happening. 

Shoes, unlike knees, can be swapped.   You can make sure that what you strap on your feet is going to give you that memorable run by customising and tweaking the fit and feel of your shoes. 

So…  Before your next race, do a shoe check. 60335175 452740828628501 7650348605521264640 n scaled

If you know that you’ve been running with discomfort or blisters, then go make the change.  Get the right fit and even find out how to customise your shoe with a few lace tips. 

You want memorable runs, and without realising it, your shoes can make a huge difference in making this happen.  You may forget at the end to thank them, but as long as you have that smile and runners high… that’s all that matters. 

Making your running experiences memorable is something that at intraining we love to help you with. 

Enjoy the rest of your race season

Happy Running


P.S.  Our intraining team love to help you get that happy running moment, come and visit us at 33 Park Road, Milton. Ph 33673088.  

P.P.S Click HERE to watch Amanda Cutluck’s story.