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Running at the Mouth

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Running at the Mouth

By Margot Manning, intraining Podiatrist, Coach, 

What to expect when you taper for your Race? 

Tapering properly for your major race is a key strategy to help you run your best. 

Do it correctly and your chance of success is pretty good. Making a mistake by not stopping your long runs and running too hard can ruin your race.   And, just in case you are feeling super energised and looking to start a new garden project….  DON’T. 

You need to enjoy your TAPER experience.  There are highs and lows, and you are likely to both entertain and frustrate your friends and family.  To help you through this week, read and enjoy the Taper Tips two of our intraining coaches shared with their running groups. Their words of wisdom are entertaining, speak the truth of taper, and may help ease some of those worries you might be feeling. You may even relate to ‘symptoms’ of tapering.  

Finally…  Enjoy your week, have a great race at Gold Coast and take confidence in all the training you have done. 


P.S.  Have you a taper story to share?   I’d love to hear.   Email me [email protected]    

Matty Horston, coach, intraining Wilston Running Group


For those of you targeting Gold Coast, the taper period is upon you. First of all, congratulations on getting to this point. You’ve done all the hard work, now is all about recovery and avoiding the dreaded…

<dun, dun, DUNNNN!!!>…MARA-NOIA!

There are so much temptation and distraction in the lead up to a major race day:

Right now all you need to do is just relax.

To be quite frank, there is little you can do to make yourself fitter between now and race day. However, there is much you can do to stuff it up by giving into superstition and worry. Take the time to ease off a bit, see to the niggles, and avoid like the plague any sneezing colleagues or family.

Just like sunlight is one of the great disinfectants, speaking out loud the worries in your head to another runner often exposes them for what they are…nonsense and worry.

In the next few weeks before you embark on an extra long run, self-diagnosing some new strain of virus, or some other folly, talk to your fellow runners (or Deek/God forbid, Paul or I). You’ll find the worst running demons in your head won’t survive beyond three seconds of articulated oxygen.


Sandi Canuto, coach, intraining Logan/Underwood Running Group

For those of you running the Gold Coast half or full as your A race,  you’ve made it to taper….. CONGRATULATIONS

Now here’s what to expect…

It starts with sheer relief that your longest run is done ???? but…it’s not long till CRAZY comes knocking…

BAD, NAUGHTY, NASTY thoughts enter your head…

Here’s what you need to do…

STOP!!!! RESIST!!!! Stick to the program!!!



Any benefits you get from running take 2-3 weeks so running (above the program) will NOT benefit your body until after the race. But all the wear and tear that happens to your body with extra k’s WILL DEFINITELY hit your body for the race….

You can’t improve your fitness now, but you can damage it.