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Running at the mouth

Running at the mouth

Running can sometimes be seen as a solo sport, but when you immerse yourself into the running community at a fun run, you join a team of thousands.

Margot gives us a glimpse into why she and Steve cherish the fun run experience.

By Margot Manning, podiatrist and intraining running coach

On Sunday 12 August, Steve, our daughter Zoe and I ran the City2Surf in Sydney—along with 80 thousand other keen runners! My favourite moment while standing among the crowd was when Steve turned to me and said, “I love the running community” as he watched the way every single runner supported each other, whether they were friends, family or total strangers.  

Ultimately, everyone in that crowd had a common goal—to run. It’s what we truly cherish about fun runs—they bring people together. Regardless of whether you are a fast, slow or a first-time runner, your fellow runners will always welcome and support you.

Twilight Bay Run: celebrating the joy of running, together

intraining Running Centre’s Twilight Bay Run has always been a favourite race of mine. It’s got such a great buzz and community atmosphere—I love getting to see friends from different running clubs connect, and meeting families who have come to share the experience of running together.

Everywhere you look, you see smiling faces, support teams on the sidelines cheering on family members or friends, and runners who have only just met each other on the course that day helping each other reach their goals.

This year the run is held on 22 September from 4pm. Participating in the Twilight Bay Run is the perfect way to tackle a personal goal you’ve been working towards—whether it’s your first 5 or 10km run, your first half marathon, or a personal best. The course is flat, fast and ideal for runners of all ages and experience levels.  There is something for everyone

For all the event details, including training tips for beginners through to half marathon runners, visit

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