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Running in the dark


Tips and top products to help  you run safely in the dark

Feature product: 110g, 200 lumens, rechargeable USB. Just $19.95
Feature product: 110g, 200 lumens, rechargeable USB. Just $19.95

Busy schedules, family life and work commitments are common reasons why most of us are destined to run in the dark when the sun rises and sets before we finished and often times, before we have even started.

Running in the dark does not have to be a burden, with plenty of research showing better sleep after an evening run, increased productivity during the day after a morning run as the sheer exhilaration of running in the dark and maximising your day.

Here are 4 great products that will help you ‘light up the night’

  1. Reflective running gear: We have a fantastic range of reflective gear ideal for night time running that will ensure you are easily seen by other road users improving your visibility.
  2. Running lights: After a lot of testing, we have found some of the best lights around for running. Lightweight and portable, we have flashing lights available that can simply be clipped to a pair of shorts or cap and can be seen for distance of over 300m.
  3. Reflective footwear: Whilst most running shoes we stock have some form of reflective material, the new Asics Lite-Show footwear and apparel are a step above in literally lighting and improving your ability to be seen when out pounding the pavement.
  4. Sunglasses: Yes, you read right, sunglasses for the dark. We have a range of sunglasses available with brighter lens options that will actually enhance your surroundings.

Other things you can do to ensure you are seen

  1. Wear light or fluoro clothing: Colours such as bright yellow, green, orange and white are all safe colours that are more easily seen in the dark.
  2. Wear clothing that feature reflective elements
  3. Avoid wearing dark clothing: Whilst black is flattering on the figure, it does put you into a sort of stealth mode, which is not ideal when the goal is to stand out like a beacon.
  4. If you are wearing a light, make sure you use a red light at the back and a white light on the front (we have both options suitable for running at intraining Running Centre). We often see people out there with a red light on the front, which is actually worse than having no light at all.

Remember, we are in essence vehicles on the road/path so make sure you are lit up like one.

If you have any queries or need assistance with finding anything else to help increase your safety whilst out running, please don’t hesitate to contact us.