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Running past 40…

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Running past 40…

Forty-five is fast approaching.  There’s grey hair, wrinkles, and now children regularly reminding us of this.  However, other than the aforementioned, this can also be the start of your running mojo. What’s the reason for this change?  Family, life and the welcoming intraining running community. Linda Watsonsmall

The running community is the place you know you can always go to and just be a runner. It’s a constant that will be there through all the turbulent years and there when the 40’s and 50’s suddenly spring up on you.  The friendships made here are the ones that will support you when you announced to do a marathon over a few beers on News Year Eve. They are the ones that will teach you that running slower is OK. They are the ones that will push you to your limits, and they are the ones that will be there in your midlife crisis as a runner.

If you haven’t already joined a community, do so. Set a path to finding your running mojo and make running your midlife crisis.

Enjoy reading and be inspired by some of the intraining runners who are running past 40 and loving it.