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RunTalk Ep04 – Comfort zones & eating right


runtalk-intraining-logoWelcome to RunTalk episode 4 with Steve, Margot and special guest this week – Liz Lovering. Liz is a qualified chef, dietitian and nutritionist at intraining Running Injury Clinic. Liz is an experienced runner having completed multiple marathons and is using her extensive knowledge of food and nutrition to help runners realise their potential and fuel right.

This week together with our guest Liz Lovering we discuss how to take your running to the next level and help maximise your potential by fueling right for running.

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Episode 4: Running outside your comfort zone and how to eat for running

Running is uncomfortable… or does it have to be? In the ever popular world of GPS running watches, we are often a slave to listening to our devices and often forget to run by feel. Listen up and learn how to run by feel and maximise Liz_Loveringyour potential with correct nutrition, pre, post and during exercise plans with guest speaker and dietitian, Liz Lovering.

About Liz:

– Qualified chef, dietitian and nutritionist
– Marathon runner
– Chef of Prince Rupert, financial manager for Rolling Stones


22 February 2017
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