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RunTalk Ep06 – Stress Fractures


runtalk-intraining-logoWelcome to RunTalk episode 6 with Steve, Margot and special guests this week – running parents; Aidan and Peta Hobbs and Clay and Michelle Dawson. Aidan Hobbs and Clay Dawson are both intraining sponsored athletes who have both experienced injury set backs and come back stronger upon return. Both Aidan and Clay have recently become parents and have also both been crowned Brisbane Marathon Champions in 2008 and 2013 respectively.

This week together with our guests we discuss stress fractures; how to identify a stress fracture and common areas that stress fractures occur. We also discuss with our guests the changes required to run as a new parent as well as how to create a routine around the rigors of family life.

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Episode 6: Stress fractures and running as a new parent.

Aidan Hobbs on his way to 16min 5km

Unfortunately, stress fractures are fairly common in runners and often occurs as a result of overuse, inadequate recovery and even poor footwear choice. Listen up and learn how to determine if you have a stress fracture, where fractures are common and why the occur. We also get some insight from our guests on how to make the most of running as a new parent and ways how to incorporate training sessions with the family.

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