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RunTalk Ep07 – What is Prehab?


runtalk-intraining-logoWelcome to RunTalk episode 7 with Steve, Margot and special guest this week – intraining Running Injury Clinic podiatrist and physiotherapist, Doug James.

This week together with our guest Doug James, we discuss how prehab should form an important part of your training regime. Prehab incorporates sports specific strengthening to assist with injury prevention as well as improving function and form whilst running.

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Episode 7: Strength and conditioning – with Prehab.

Featuring Guest: Podiatrist, physiotherapist and marathoner, Doug James

Doug_JamesPrehab is a proactive approach to avoiding pain and injury. A common afterthought with runners, often when it is too late and you are already injured. Prehab encourages strength work – including Pilates, running drills as well as stretching which assist in providing you with the foundation to running and staying injury free. Listen up and learn with our guest podiatrist and physiotherapist, Doug James on running specific prehab exercises that will help you get the most out of your running.

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About Doug James

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