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RunTalk Ep10 – Footwear choice


runtalk-intraining-logoWelcome to RunTalk episode 10 with Steve and Margot Manning.

This week we discuss footwear, footwear development over time and how footwear choice can impact your running enjoyment as well as your risk of injury.

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Episode 10: Footwear choice and how you move.

Running footwear has developed significantly over time, especially since the introduction of EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate), the foam cushioning, that most shoes use today which help absorb impact. In the modern era further development has ensued encouraging a more natural motion of the foot and how footwear can aid your running gait instead of blocking certain motions. Listen up and learn with Steve and Margot and how you can select the best footwear to suit your running gait.

Podcast10_ImageClick here to find out more about how intraining Running Centre footwear specialists can help you select the right fit for your foot.

About Steve and Margot

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