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RunTalk Ep11 – Running gadgets

Podcast11 GPS1

runtalk-intraining-logoWelcome to RunTalk episode 11 with Steve, Margot and special guest this week – podiatrist, coach, runner and triathlete, Emily Donker. Emily has a wealth of experience

This week Emily will help us understand the world of GPS running watches and other key gadgets that help enhance our running lives.

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Episode 11: Running with GPS and other running gadgets.

Podcast11_GPS1Back in the old days we used to run by time and guess our speed and distance based on how we feel. Some of us even got into our cars or on our bikes to measure the approximate distance. In the modern era we are privileged to have a range of running gadgets available to assist in pace judgement and provide a more accurate representation of the distance covered.

Listen up and learn how to utilise the latest running gadgets to your advantage whilst still learning to run based on how you feel.

About Emily:

If you are keen to maximise your potential as a runner or are just keen to get a little more out of your training with the modern tools that are available today, it may be time that you considered a GPS running watch.

Visit the staff at intraining Running Centre if you are looking for advice on the best running watch or running gadgets to suit your running needs. A wide range of running watches are available to choose from, including the latest innovations from Garmin, Suunto and other running gadgets to maximise your potential.