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Runtalk Podcast Launch  

Stay tuned for intraining Runtalk Podcast Launch on 4th October 2023.

Come trail running…   

For the the freedom, challenges, or opportunites to explore.  In this week’s Runtalk, hear why intraining’s coach, Tracy Baker, loves the trail so much. 

This Sunday, August 20th, is the launch of intraining’s Trail Tribe season at Hoop Pine overflow Carpark , Mt. Cooth-tha.  ( 7am run, 8:30am group chat)

Tracy Baker, intraining coach, shares her love of trails and why she has developed intraining’s Trail Tribe running program. 

Plus, she gives some great tips on how to run more easily over a rougher terrain.

If you are keen to find out more, come along to intraining’s Trail Tribe launch

Dat:   20th August 2023

Run: 7am start

Group chat and trail stories:  8:30am
Location: Hoop Pine overflow carpark, the left of the carpark (look for the intraining marque and flags), Mt Cootha.

Phil Teakle

On this week’s runtalk watch Steve Manning with Phil Teakle as they talk about what Phil did to become a runner.

Glute muscle injuries

Watch Steve Manning and Doug James’s latest runtalk episode as they will talk about Glute injuries and how to deal with this pain in the butt.  Read  Doug’s recent article here.

From little things, big things grow

Watch Steve & Margot Manning’s latest runtalk episode as they will share  big news to our community. 

Why do my calf muscles hurt?

Watch Steve Manning and Doug James podiatrists and physiotherapists at the intraining Running Injury Clinic’s latest Runtalk video about 5 Calf injuries and what to do if you get pain in the calf. 

Stability Shoes Part 1

Watch Steve Manning’s “The Footman” 3 reasons to use stability shoes.

Stability Shoes Part 2

Watch Steve Manning’s “The Footman” The current range of shoes available.

Semi-Super Shoes

What are semi-super shoes? 

Watch Steve Manning’s “The Footman” review on his latest Runtalk episode and read here the latest article he wrote about the rise of semi-super shoes. 

The SHOE Chooses The Runner

What is  COMFORT FILTER? How this can help you get the right shoe? 

Listen to Steve and Margot Manning intraining Podiatrist’s latest Runtalk.

Plantar Fasciitis

That pain in the heel

Stiff feet and little niggles that last a few days are early signs that something’s not quite right.  

Act quickly and you are more likely to avoid nasty injuries like heel pain. 

Listen to Steve Manning and Doug James intraining Podiatrists & Physiotherapist, latest Runtalk.

2 Specific Sessions

You Need In Your Training

For today’s Runtalk will be discussing 2 specific sessions you need in your training.

Listen to Steve and Margot Manning – intraining Podiatrists & Coaches 


– A solid foundation at the start of your training year and

– Confidence as a runner now rather than trying to dabble without structure

It doesn’t matter if you are a new runner, an experienced runner, fast or slower, these “3 P’s” set the foundation for your running year.

So listen to how you can get a jump start and maybe your best year of running yet.


“Shin Splits” is a very general term for a number of lower leg pains – from soft tissue injuries to stress fractures.
What you want to know is, “How can I tell which type” of shin pain I have?”
Listen to Steve Manning and Doug James intraining podiatrists and physiotherapist latest Runtalk.

Osteoarthritis of the big toe joint

Arthritis in the big toe is a common injury at any age.
The good news… If you have this pain, there are many ways to manage it. 
Listen to Steve Manning and Doug James intraining podiatrists and physiotherapist latest Runtalk.

Find Your Race Shoe

What’s your racing shoe this season?
Come test run on our 25m track because there are different shoes for different feet.

Five Risk Factors of Stress Fracture

Five risk factors for running-related bone injuries.
There are five clear reasons that can lead to bone injuries and stop you in your tracks.
Stress fractures and bone injuries are the one injuries that will prevent you from even starting your goal race.
Running related bone injuries have a typical pathway that podiatrists Steve & Doug ( also a  physiotherapist) will share with you.  
The five factors include:
Training load, Recovery, Dietary intake, Running form, and Footwear.   Click the video to hear more from Steve and Doug.

The Asics Kayano Lite 2 and Nimbus Lite 2 Shoes

It’s only getting better…

Your favourite training shoes now have a lighter version.

The Asics Lite 2 range is snappy, responsive shoes that are easier to run faster in.

If you have liked the Asics Kayano and Nimbus come test run the Kayano Lite 2 and Nimbus Lite 2  versions on our 25m indoor track at intraining Running Centre.

Avoid these 7 common running mistakes

It happens far too often…


Find out how you can avoid making these common running mistakes and have a stronger, more enjoyable and confident year of running.

How to run faster without getting fitter

It’s true… You can run faster without really getting fitter.

In today’s Runtalk, we’ll give you the first tip on how to do this. Take this one key strategy and you will run

  • faster
  • feel stronger
  • and run for longer.


We love it because it’s a very simple process that anyone of any running ability can do.


If you are a runner who always crashes and burns in the 4th K, this will change your ability to run well.


If you can’t seem to run faster in your 5K’s, no matter how hard you try, this challenge will fix this for you and you’ll be passing people on the way home.


If you are coming back from a summer break and really feeling the heat, this is perfect to get you motivated and dedicated for another year of running.


If you are new to running, this will show you how you can run your best nearly every time.


Listen to Steve and Margot’s runtalk, as they will give you the nudge you need to kick your running year into gear.


Sign up for our FREE “How to run a faster 5K Challenge”. It’s a game-changer for you.


Starts this Friday. JOIN HERE

How to build strength and run faster

Did you know strengthening your core could improve your 5K run by up to a minute?


That’s what we will be talking about in today’s Runtalk.


Having a strong core enables you to:

  • run with a better technique 
  • reduce your likelihood of injury, and 
  • help you to run further and faster!


Doug James, intraining’s physiotherapist and podiatrist, is going to explain more about how you can use core strength exercises to improve your running strength in today’s RunTalk. 


PS. Make sure you take advantage of our simple Core strength exercise plan to do at home.  

Is running bad for your knees?

How many times have you had someone tell you, “Running is bad for your knees”. 

In this week’s RunTalk, Steve and Doug are going to debunk this myth for you and share why running can be good for your knees. For sure, we are not machines and wear and tear can happen, but there is usually an underlying pre-existing injury that contributes to that. 
Busting the myth that ‘running is bad for your knees” is one of Steve and Doug’s favourite topics. They have some great stories on different tests that have been done that lead to a change in the way the medical world started to treat painful knees. Of course, if you do have sore knees, make sure you get them checked out as there are some cases where you really can’t run. For most runners though, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much improvement you can make with running and exercises. 
Strength Exercise Tips: 
There are several exercises in our easy plan of core strength exercises that can help alleviate knee pain. Make sure you click here to see what these are.  If your knees are too sore to run, come and see our podiatry and physiotherapy team for some personalised help.  

How to return to running safely after injury

Don’t make that big mistake after time off from running


There’s one big mistake many runners make after time off from running.  Doesn’t matter if you are experienced or new to running, it’s so easy to do because you just want to be running.  There are multiple factors you need to consider when returning to running after a break from injury or time off. 

Steve & Doug outline 3 major ones that can help you return without risk of further interruptions to your running. 

Tips to safely run in the heat

Do you struggle in the heat? 

Have you had a bad experience in a race from over heating?

Know when your body is not coping with the heat so you can adjust and run safely. 

When you can cue into these symptoms, you will find running in the heat easier. Get some great summer running tips here from intraining’s experienced coaches and runners, Steve and Doug. 

They’ll explain how you can adapt your running to ensure you can still have a good run and avoid becoming ill.

8 Tips to stay motivated

Why you’ve got to refresh after a long year of training?

“After a big year, we need fun.”


When you are training for events, running takes up a lot of your mental and physical energy. This has been compounded with race cancellations and postponements. So, it is important to find ways to change how you approach your running now so that when you are ready to start in earnest next year, you feel refreshed, keen and supercharged to go. 


We certainly do not want you to start the year feeling burnt out and jaded which is why this week’s Runtalk is so important to listen to.

So if you have been thinking:

  • “Go away alarm…. I don’t want to get out of bed for training”
  • “My body feels like I’ve run three marathons back to back”
  • “It’s getting too hot and steamy to go running now. I’ll go later” … but you don’t! or
  • “I really need a sea change”


Then this episode of Runtalk is for you.


We’ve got some great tips to keep you running happily …. Even when it’s hot!

Happy running


Orthotics… How do you know if you need them?

Welcome to our weekly Runtalk. Orthotics: How do you know if you really need them? 


The truth is that not everybody needs orthotics. Most of you can run comfortably with the right pair of running shoes. There are some reasons, however, when you may need to get a pair. In this episode, we are going to give you three different factors to consider when you are trying to decide if you need orthotics or not.


Plus, Steve will answer the two most common questions we get asked about orthotics If you are not sure, book in to see one of our podiatry team who can review your footwear, injury history and biomechanics.


Like our Runtalk? If you like what we have been doing in our Runtalks, make sure you share it with your friends and subscribe to our intraining RunTalk YouTube channel.


We love Running.

Steve and Margot Manning

Podiatrists and Coaches, and footwear specialists.

intraining Running Centre

Ankle Sprains…  What you need to know to manage them and why it’s important to strengthen them. 


Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries.  When you are exercising off road you are strengthening your ankles,  but also at a higher risk of injury.   In this video, podiatrists and coaches, Steve and Margot, explain what to do if you have an ankle sprain at the time of incident, the management pathway after and how you can develop strength in your ankles as a pre-hab routine in your weekly exercise.    


Enjoy listening and if you have any questions you’d like answered, email us on [email protected]

Steve & Margot

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