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Welcome to RunTalk with Steve and Margot. RunTalk is a running podcast that discusses all things running; from nutrition and goal setting through to the running technique and footwear choice, including everything in between.

RunTalk will feature guest speakers, that will help you explore your love of running even further. Guests will include world champion runners, inspirational athletes, running coaches and much more.

Whether you are new to running or an old hack, RunTalk will enlighten your own world of running.

Tune in to RunTalk

Episode 1: How to start running and overcoming obstacles (click here to listen)

Taking the first step and making the decision to run can be one of the biggest obstacles to overcome. Listen up with Steve and Margot for some advice and tips on how to start running in 2017.

Episode 2: Goal setting, planning and overcoming obstacles (click here to listen)

Featuring guest: Benita Willis – 4 x Olympian, World Champion, 3 x Australian 5000m Champion

Goal setting is an important aspect of any training program. Goal setting can provide a motivational aspect to your running making it easy to achieve what your major goal is. Listen up and learn from the best with our guest speaker, Benita Willis, who knows a thing or two about goal setting.

Benita Willis Facts

  • 2:22:36 Marathon Best: Australian National Record
  • 1:08:28 Half Marathon Best
  • 4 x Olympian
  • World Champion
  • 3 x Australian 5000m Champion
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Check out the feature article on how to set your goals to maximise your rewards in running.

Episode 3: Training programs and following a formula to reach your goals (click here to listen)

Featuring guest: Greg Scanlon – Coaching coordinator of Marathon School , Ironman and marathon finisher.

Training programs form an integral part to achieving goals in running. A training program can reduce the chance of making training errors such as over training, running too fast, peaking at the wrong time. Listen up and learn with our guest speaker, Greg Scanlon, coaching coordinator of one of the most popular minimalist marathon training programs, Marathon School.

Episode 4: Running outside your comfort zone and how to eat for running (click here to listen)

Featuring guest: Liz Lovering – Runner, chef, nutritionist and dietitian for intraining Running Injury Clinic.

Running is uncomfortable… or does it have to be? In the ever popular world of GPS running watches, we are often a slave to listening to our devices and often forget to run by feel. Listen up and learn how to run by feel and maximise your potential with correct nutrition, pre, post and during exercise plans with guest speaker and dietitian, Liz Lovering.

About Liz:

  • Qualified chef, dietitian and nutritionist
  • Marathon runner
  • Chef of Prince Rupert, financial manager for Rolling Stones
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Episode 5: Injury or niggle? How do you tell? (click here to listen)

Featuring guest: James Bell – Runner, 2017 coach of the year for intraining Running Club.

Running is tough on the body. When training for events, it’s not uncommon to feel niggles in your legs and feet. It is important to realise when and if an injury is lurking and how to prevent a simple niggle transforming into a debilitating injury. Listen up and learn how to distinguish a simple running niggle to a full blown injury with guest speaker and coach, James Bell.

About James:

  • 2017 intraining Coach of the Year
  • Marathon runner

Check out the feature article on how to use your a simple three step self check to determine if you have an injury or a niggle.

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Episode 6: Stress fractures and running as a new parent (click here to listen)

Featuring Guests: Aidan and Peta Hobbs and Clay and Michelle Dawson

Unfortunately, stress fractures are fairly common in runners and often occurs as a result of overuse, inadequate recovery and even poor footwear choice. Listen up and learn how to determine if you have a stress fracture, where fractures are common and why the occur. We also get some insight from our guests on how to make the most of running as a new parent and ways how to incorporate training sessions with the family.

About Aidan:

  • 2008 Brisbane Marathon Champion
  • 1500m: 3.59 (2016)
  • 3000m: 8.50 (2017)
  • 5000m: 14.59 (2017)
  • 5km with a pram: 16.28 (2016)
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Aidan Hobbs on his way to 16min 5km

About Clay:

  • 2014 Brisbane Marathon Champion
  • Marathon PB: 2.30.44
  • Half Marathon: 1:10
  • 10km: 31.20

Article: Interested in finding out more about Stress Fractures and Bone Stress? Click here to view the full article.

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Clay Dawson on his way to another Brisbane Road Runners Club title

Episode 7: Running Injury and Prehab (click here to listen)

Featuring Guest: Podiatrist, physiotherapist and marathoner, Doug James

Prehab. A common afterthought with runners, often when it is too late and you are already injured. Prehab encourages strength work – including Pilates, running drills as well as stretching which assist in providing you with the foundation to running and staying injury free. Listen up and learn with our guest podiatrist and physiotherapist, Doug James on running specific prehab exercises that will help you get the most out of your running.

If you are interested in Pilates or other strength conditioning, contact the intraining team.

About Doug:

  • Completed New York Marathon and Las Vegas Rock ‘n Roll Marathon
  • Qualified podiatrist
  • Qualified physiotherapist
  • New parent

Click here to check out the February edition of ‘From the Sole’ newsletter with some fantastic articles by intraining clinicians which will help you achieve your running goals.

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Episode 10: Footwear choice and how you move. (click here to listen)

Running footwear has developed significantly over time, especially since the introduction of EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate), the foam cushioning, that most shoes use today which help absorb impact. In the modern era further development has ensued encouraging a more natural motion of the foot and how footwear can aid your running gait instead of blocking certain motions. Listen up and learn with Steve and Margot and how you can select the best footwear to suit your running gait.

Click here to find out more about how intraining Running Centre footwear specialists can help you select the right fit for your foot.

About Steve and Margot

  • Steve and Margot have been in the footwear industry since 1979 and 1990 respectively
  • Owners of intraining Running Centre
  • Experienced running coaches
  • Podiatrists and footwear specialists

Click here to view our wide range of running injury, footwear and other related running articles. Remember to check out Footwear – A paradigm shift article mentioned in this week’s footwear edition of RunTalk.

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Episode 11: Running with GPS and other running gadgets (click here to listen)

Back in the old days we used to run by time and guess our speed and distance based on how we feel. Some of us even got into our cars or on our bikes to measure the approximate distance. In the modern era we are privileged to have a range of running gadgets available to assist in pace judgement and provide a more accurate representation of the distance covered.

Listen up and learn how to utilise the latest running gadgets to your advantage whilst still learning to run based on how you feel with guest speaker Emily Donker.

About Emily:

  • Qualified podiatrist
  • Running coach
  • Triathlete and runner
  • Marathon personal best of 2.53
Podcast11 GPS1

If you are keen to maximise your potential as a runner or are just keen to get a little more out of your training with the modern tools that are available today, it may be time that you considered a GPS running watch.

Visit the staff at intraining Running Centre if you are looking for advice on the best running watch or running gadgets to suit your running needs. A wide range of running watches are available to choose from, including the latest innovations from Garmin, Suunto and other running gadgets to maximise your potential.

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