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Saucony Guide Review


Saucony Guide – A comparison in support

By: Daniel Manning
intraining Staff Member
Marathon finisher

sauconyguide1It is no secret that I have been through a lot of shoes since I started running. At the moment though, I have been using two popular shoes from Brooks and Saucony. My current poison resides with the Brooks Ravenna and recently wanted to compare it to another similar shoe, so I decided on the Saucony Guide. Both shoes provide mild pronation control and have similar weights, (Guide 275g, Ravenna 300g).

Upon standing up in the Guide I could immediately feel the slightly softer material on the sole which was a welcome surprise and quite comfortable. The other major difference was the shape of the shoe. It was wider around the heel and middle of the shoe while the Ravenna hugged my foot a bit more. As my foot is fairly narrow, I suspect a higher arched and perhaps slightly wider foot would be worth trying the Saucony Guide.

After running in the shoe they were both very similar but the Guide felt like it had a firmer support system in the arch which provided better support for my over pronation. This was quite surprising, given the Guide was lighter weight than the Ravenna. As a long time Ravenna user, I felt slightly smoother running, but this may also be because I have adapted to the shape and feel. I can definitely recommend the Guide as an alternative to someone who needs more support in the arch and who has a higher instep to fill out the depth of the shoe.

saucony_guide2Key reasons why I like the Saucony Guide

Saucony Guide Specifications

PRONATION: Moderate Support
ARCH: Medium, High
BODY BUILD: Small, Medium, Large
SURFACE: Road/Track
WEIGHT: 275g (mens size US9) /235g (womens size US9)

Review date: 1 January 2017