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Share the joy of running with your kids

Share the joy of running with your kids

by Margot Manning, intraining junior running coach, mother of three and podiatrist

Imagine this…  

You are getting ready for parkrun, feeling happy because your kids are coming with you. It’s a really exciting moment for you because all you can think about is that lovely satisfied feeling you know that they will get from running. Plus, it is going to be so wonderful to share the experience of lining up together, running through the crowd and both crossing the line on the runner’s high.  

Hang onto this feeling, even if you are thinking, “this does not happen in my house!”  It certainly did not happen that easily in my house either. We have had tears, loud words, refusals to get out of bed, and turning up to events with shoes barely on their feet…  BUT… over time, this changed.

My children are now nearly all young adults. They each enjoy running in their own way. I have enjoyed weekend trips away to marathons, cross country races, track races and team running events with them. I have also enjoyed watching so many of the juniors and their families who have come through the intraining running programs develop their own love of running and racing. 

Kids Love Running is a program designed for both parents and junior runners to share different strategies and experiences to help develop your young runners.  

Watch this space as we develop something new to hopefully give you fresh ways to inspire a lifelong love of running in your kids.  

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