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First Impressions of the latest Super Shoe

 With Steve Manning, “The Footman”, Podiatrist and Running shoe specialist

Read Steve’s first impressions of listen to his Runtalk below  

Meet the Endorphin Pro

I am really looking forward to trying Saucony’s offer in the super shoe category.  Over the last few years, they had been sharing some of their research on their competitors and on their own design evolution.  They had some good success with their sponsored athletes in Jared Ward and Molly Siedel and significantly Jared had been a major contributor to the design of their shoes. 

I first saw these shoes early in the year when I had to place the indent order.  At the time they appeared to be more stable and durable than the current Nike shoes but cushier than the Hoka Carbon X.  They seemed to fill a need between the firm stiff stable shoes and the soft flexible light shoes.

I was very excited to try these shoes out and on first impressions, I was not disappointed.  The initial feel when you try them on is that they are light and soft with a strong secure upper.  The rocker sole which is part of their speed roll technology gives you the feeling that you are tipping off the forefoot.

From the first running step, you can feel the superb cushioning from the Pebax midsole.  They have a much softer and smoother ride than the Hoka Carbon X or Brooks Hyperion Elite.  The only criticism is that the softness and extra stack height gives you a gliding feel during the stance phase while the Brooks Hyperion Elite gave an immediate responsive spring.  This may result in less stability similar to Nike Next%.

However, at a faster pace than gliding seems to be less apparent and they are a shoe that would certainly remain comfortable over a marathon distance.

The other distinctive feature is the Endorphin Pro’s appear to be much more durable than the other offerings in this category.  A strong, but breathable, upper sits on a wider midsole for stability.  The outsole carbon rubber covers most of the high wear areas.  It just seems to be a more solid shoe while still being very lightweight.  In time this may lead to a longer-lasting shoe which significantly increases its value in a category which is traditionally do not last many kilometres while being high priced…


The Endorphin Pro incorporates 3 new technologies:

#1. The S-curved carbon fibre plate.

Sandwiched in the high stack height midsole it offers some resisted forefoot flexion while keeping midfoot rotational resistance. The result is springy in propulsion while stable in midstance.

#2. Speedroll technology.

All carbon plate runners require a rocker sole to facilitate the transition from midstance to propulsion.  Saucony’s Speedroll has a rearfoot taper with a larger forefoot toe spring.  This enhances a smooth ride from footstrike through to midstance and toe-off.

#3. PWRRunPB midsole.

The Pebax midsole resembles Styrofoam with little chambers of foam pressed together.  That gives it an amazing shock reduction in a very light package.


The Low Down:

The Saucony Endorphin Pro is the perfect blend of cushioning and lightweight with stability and responsiveness.  This shoe brings the super shoe into the orbit of the average runner.  Stable enough for slower paces but with a soft and forgiving midsole that will not hammer you over long distances.


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Listen to RunTalk #48 with Steve the Footman…


Here is the link to the Saucony website description of the technology:

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