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If you’ve been injured, there is a good chance of it happening again – which is why sports rehabilitation is crucial for helping you recover before you return to sport. Returning to sport without fully rehabilitating an injury not only increases the likelihood of that injury worsening, you may develop other injuries due to compensations that occur as a result of the initial injury.

intraining Balance, Core and Sports Rehab Studio located in Milton provide state of the art equipment to aid in developing core strength, balance as well as providing services such as nutritional advice and sports massage. Our sports rehab team can assist in health maintenance, injury prevention and treatment. Click the below links to read more about how our team can help you become a better person and athlete.

Our Rehab Team



Dietitian and Nutrition


Balance, Core and Sports Rehab Studio



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Our dietitian, nutritionist and chef – Liz Lovering is available for appointment between the following hours

Appointments available

9.00am – 4.00pm


33 Park Road
(Opposite the ‘little Eiffel Tower’)

Other times available upon request

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