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Where to start running


Taking on the World of Running

Taking on the world of running is a process.  There is not a set of instructions to start running that suits everyone, and it is unlikely the runner’s high or success will be achieved instantly. Internet searches will give endless amounts of information and advice will always be given freely from other runners.CatrinWaye

Working out what suits you best or even how to start can be a challenge. This will also change over the years as your own goals evolve. To make this process easier, break running into three major elements; training, community and footwear. Each of these are as important as the other as they impact significantly on how well you manage your training, stay injury free, and keep you motivated to stick at running.  Finding compatible people for each of these elements through coaches, clubs, and running specialist stores is the key to achieving your goals sooner with fewer mistakes that lead to injury, mistaken purchases or stopping running.The newer you are at running, or when stepping up the distances, the more valuable you’ll find each of these resources.


Running requires a routine with an appropriate combination of hard and easy sessions. Coaches and individualised training plans help provide a plan that explains the training process, provides progression as you improve or work towards specific goals, and suits your lifestyle. Training groups are the platform for more specific sessions such as long runs and speedwork. Smart training pays off.


Your running community is where you will be supported during both the good and not so good running times. You will be in a place where you can talk running endlessly.  The club singlet guarantees a cheer.


There is a world of knowledge in a running specialist store. You are guided through a unique process to find a shoe that’s best suited to you, to find shoes for different running needs, and you can ask all the questions you like in a place where people love to talk running and answer all sorts of questions. Don’t be shy. Couch210km_logo

If you are new to the world of running, make sure you have a look at the Couch 2 10km program here where you can convert yourself from ‘couch potato’ to 10km runner in just 13 weeks.