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Supercharge your running with 3 essential strength sessions you can do at home.

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Did you know strengthening your core could improve your 5K run by up to a minute?

Having a strong core enables you to run with a better technique which may reduce your likelihood of injury, and can also help you to run further and faster! In a recent study, amateur runners performed a few core strength exercises 5 days per week. After 6 weeks, the runners recorded an average improvement of 1 minute in their 5km race time!

Use your core for better form.

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So set a routine of essential exercises to give you more strength, balance and control while running.

Use your core for better form.

Utilising your core muscles when running is an automatic process that becomes more effective as the muscles become stronger and fatigue resistant. You should find that you can maintain good running form (upright torso, and reduced hip drop) more easily and for longer after doing targeted core strength exercises for a few weeks.  Your body will thank you.  

Start strengthening your body for faster and longer-lasting running.

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