CEP Compression Tights

CEP – Next level compression

CEP is the latest in compression gear to hit the shelves at intraining Running Centre, and boy are we excited! The German company lives up to their heritage offering the best compression money can buy. CEP has already seen great success in Europe for decades and we are proud to finally have them in store.

CEP5Currently we are stocking an extensive range of CEP compression gear including;

  • Quarter socks
  • Calf socks
  • Calf sleeves
  • Full length tights (Clone Tech: Custom made to order specific to your measurements – think tailored suit)

Why compression?

Compression garments are certainly not new technology, but the type and quality of compression varies dramatically across brands. Not all brands are created equally. CEP offer the following benefits to their compression range.

  • Improve blood circulation through the muscles before, during, and after exercise.
  • Lower the risk of DVT whilst traveling (studies have shown that due lower resting heart rates, athletes make up 85% of the people who experience DVT while traveling).
  • Minimise the risk of muscle cramping.
  • Wick moisture away from body, keeping your core body temperature under control.
  • Improve endurance, performance and power over longer distances due to better circulation.
  • Anatomical measurements for men and women, ensuring the fit is perfect.
  • Reduce the chance of injury … that’s a winner right there!

What is the CEP difference

CEP was into the compression game long before compression became ‘cool’ with almost every other brand coming out with their own compression range of garment. How long have they been in it? Over 60 years… yep, CEP (under parent ‘Medi’) know a thing or two about compression for athletes. The CEP compression range measure compression force in mmHg (mercury millimeter system for measuring force). Essentially, mmHg is required at different strengths depending on the location on the body.

Key differences between CEP and other brands compression

  • Parent brand ‘Medi’ has been in therapeutic compression longer than most brands have been in existence
  • Medical grade compression
  • Graduated compression ensuring maximum blood flow
  • CEP’s socks feature 23.5 mmHg at the ankle and 18 mmHg at the calf.
  • Comfort is unmatched in our opinion

What is graduated compression?

CEP3Consistent graduated compression is what CEP famous for. It means that the compression actually does what it’s supposed to do and as the name suggests, offers difference mmHg as the sock moves up your body and closer to your heart. It’s not just about having a tight garment and creating a nice ‘cankle’ or ‘muffin top’, but rather a controlled compression that encourages blood flow back to the heart.

In a sock for example, if the compression is too tight at the calf and not tight enough at the ankle you’ll have blood pooling in the leg, or at the very least, you will impede normal circulation, allowing lactic acid and less oxygenated blood to linger in the leg. In which case, you would probably be better going bare leg.

With plenty of colours to choose from, CEP is the perfect choice for your compression gear. Drop by intraining Running Centre and let our trained staff help measure up and fit you up properly in the latest CEP compression range.