Suunto Spartan – Unrivaled durability

Suunto Spartan Sport and Spartan Ultra

The Suunto Spartan series of GPS watches introduced by the Finnish watch maker is the development of the triathletes favourite series, the Ambit.spartanimage

The Suunto Spartan is a watch designed with all sporting endeavors in mind, including; running, cycling, swimming, triathlon, hiking, multisport, kayaking, obstacle course and pretty much every other sport you can possibly think of. The feature laden GPS watch will track your every movement and will double as an every day watch interface that won’t look out of place in your work attire.

What has the Spartan kept from the popular Ambit series?

  • Lightning fast GPS connectivity. No waiting around for minutes for the satellites to acquire.
  • Smart Bluetooth connectivity with sensors ensuring seamless integration
  • Quick button navigation to remove any potential for ‘mis touches’ when you are sweating mid session
  • Automated Bluetooth uploads directly through your smartphone via the Movescount App
  • Pairing with your Smartphone for notifications, such as text messages, social media as well as a magnitude of other on screen prompts delivered directly to your watch face.
  • Recovery advisor, which predicts based on heart rate and your current fitness level how long until you will be recovered from your session and back at full capacity.

What exactly does the Suunto Spartan series offer over the popular Ambit series?

  • Full colour screen
  • Touch screen interface which operates in a similar fashion to popular Apple products, combined with easy to use buttons for navigation through on screen menus
  • Lighter weight at approximately 73g (Ultra Titanium)
  • Stylish titanium and stainless steel model in the Suunto Ultra Titanium

By this time, you are probably asking yourself why you should buy a Suunto?

  1. High quality build. The Suunto range of watches are made in Finland, feel sturdy and will be up to any vigorous workout you can throw at it without the worry of a strap breaking, or a screen pausing midway through a session.
  2. Smart Bluetooth connectivity ensures seamless integration with a wide range of products on the market.
  3. Reliable 26hr battery life in GPS mode
  4. Sapphire crystal screen – 2nd only in hardness to diamond – making it extremely durable.

The Suunto Spartan offers a few fantastic new ‘upgrades’ over the older Ambit series as mentioned. If you are looking for a GPS watch that will accompany you on your next adventure, the Suunto Spartan is certainly worth a look.

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