Pre-race foot care

It is no secret that as a runner it is unlikely we will ever get the call up to become a foot model. Over the course of your running training, your feet will inevitably look a little worse for wear and laden with a variety of unsightly lumps and bumps. Below are some common foot issues experienced by runners as well as some tips on how you can reduce the chance of these occurring and lastly what you can do to get your feet race ready.

Common runners foot symptoms

  • Hard skin commonly forms around the big toe joint, tips of toes, and your heels as a result of wear and tear when running.
  • Corns (painful areas of hard skin)
  • In-grown toe nails are also regularly seen in distance runners.

While these things may be a ‘badge of honour’ for some, they can become quite painful and may even hamper your training and race performance as it’s not unusual for blisters to suddenly appear mid-race. Running with blisters can be an awful experience, and one that is likely to be detrimental to the race you’ve been preparing months for.

Blisters can form due to the hardened callous skin rubbing on the softer skin layer below, and is more likely if you are running faster and/or further than usual (ie race conditions).

Quick tips to lower your chances unfavourable feet

  1. Wear performance running socks with anti-friction properties
  2. If your toenails are gnarly and dig into one another – try out Injinji Toe Socks
  3. Never wear cotton socks
  4. Ensure your feet do not move forwards and backwards in the shoe
  5. Get fitted properly and obtain some advice when you purchase your running shoes

With a number of fun runs and races approaching, now is the ideal time to have your feet treated. The podiatrists at intraining Running Injury Clinic can prepare your feet for race day – helping to reduce callous, corns and nail issues whilst also offering tips on how best to prevent blisters on race day.

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