New HOKA for 2017

We are excited to announce that we have just received the latest release range of HOKA OneOne shoes at intraining Running Centre. The 2017 range includes the following with some updates we have all been waiting for.

HOKA Bondi 5

The Hoka Bondi 5 is the most cushioned road shoe available in Hoka’s extensive lineup of maximal cushioned shoes. The Bondi 5 is suited to the neutral to minimal pronation runner who is looking for the ultimate ‘run on clouds’ like feeling in a lightweight package.

Updates to the Bondi 4

HokaBondi5More accommodating toe box: The toe box of the Bondi 5 is much more forgiving and allows a little more room to breathe for those of us with a thicker foot.

Increased ventilation: The updated lightweight mesh upper provides a more breathable shoe that keep your feet dry and cool in the harsh Queensland conditions.

Padded tongue: Improving on the previous edition Bondi 4, the Bondi 5 has increased the padding in the tongue to provide an even more comfortable fit. This is a welcome addition, which will serve well especially towards the end of a long run.

The Hoka Bondi 5 is available in mens D and 2E widths and womens and D width only.


HOKA Arahi – NEW

HokaArahi1The Arahi is Hoka’s first foray into a stability shoe with the new J-Frame midsole density. The Arahi is ideally suited to someone who over pronates. Previous models of Hoka, whilst ‘stable’ due to their all encompassing sole, was often overlooked or not suitable for those who over pronate. Over pronation is more common in people who have lower arches which essentially leads to the mid foot collapsing.

The Arahi also deviates slightly from the traditional Hoka, where the mid-foot of the shoe is quite narrow. A fantastic addition however to the Arahi is the more durable outsole, which means your Hoka will take longer to wear out – a major plus for us Hoka-holics.

Whilst there is now midfoot stability added to the Arahi, Hoka stand true to their mantra of an ultra lightweight shoe with a lot of cushioning.

The Hoka Arahi is available in mens D and 2E with the womens available in D width only

Hoka Clifton 3

The ever popular Clifton 3 is now available in two new colours for 2017 for men and women. The Clifton 3 is touted as the most popular Hoka shoe to date. Clifton 3 is still the lightest shoe available in the Hoka range and provides a smooth transition from heel to toe. This combination we feel helps you run with less effort and less impact, almost to the point where the shoe is doing the work for you.

The Hoka Clifton 3 is available in mens D widths with the womens available in B width only

Hoka at intraining Running Centre

footwearcloseup (800x533)

Whilst Hoka are not your traditional looking shoe, they could be your saving grace if you thought your running days were over because of bad knees, hips, back, shins and other impact related issues.

intraining Running Centre have a wide range of Hoka shoes available to suit various running gait and terrains. Drop by the store at Milton or Indooroopilly and let our friendly staff introduce you to the world of Hoka.

New Year Sale weekend

The new year is here and boy do we have a sale planned for you! Get yourself set for 2017 with the biggest sale of the year on everything running. Whether you are looking for a new pair of running shoes, a second pair to alternate (check out why you should alternate), need to get the kids sorted or want to refresh your running wardrobe, there are some massive savings to at intraining Running Centre, Milton with up to 50% off footwear across all major brands.

Doors open at 9:00am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

13-15 JANUARY 2017


More deals to whet your appetite for a spending frenzy

  • Selected Garmin and Suunto on sale
  • 10% off all nutrition storewide
  • Buy two pair of socks and get a third pair FREE
  • Buy two Love2Run singlet/tees and get a second FREE
  • Free gift with every footwear purchase
  • Even more in store…a sale not to be missed!




Nike Pegasus 33 – Shoe Review

Nike Pegasus 33 – No compromise shoe with looks to boot!

By Kerri Hodge
intraining Staff Member
Sub 3hr Marathoner

The latest edition of the Nike Pegasus provides a fast and compact feel without compromising on cushioning and comfort. A flexible shoe suitable for the neutral runner, it is able to handle high mileage so you won’t be left feeling sore underfoot.

At 250 grams (US9 W), it sits between the Brooks Launch and the slightly lighter Hoka Clifton in terms of weight, but it’s not as bulky as the Clifton and has a more responsive ride.

The seamless mesh upper won’t rub or irritate bunions, and the Flywire cables ensure your feet won’t move around in the shoe. What’s more, the Pegasus also looks fantastic.

It’s a good idea to have different shoes for different uses. Being an avid Hoka wearer I would use the Clifton for my long easy training runs, and bring out the Pegasus for faster-paced training and racing when I need more speed.

If you haven’t owned a pair of Nikes since the 80s now might be the time to re-visit this iconic shoe and see why it remains one of the most popular and long-lived on the market. I wasn’t disappointed!

Key reasons why I like the Nike Pegasus 33

  • Lightweight
  • Superior cushioning
  • Durability
  • Stylish look
  • Well priced at $179.95

Nike Pegasus 33 Specifications

ARCH: Medium, High
BODY BUILD: Small, Medium, Large
SURFACE: Road/Track
WEIGHT: 306g (mens size US9) /250g (womens size US9)

Review date: December 2016

Love 2 Run July16 enews

intraining’s monthly Love 2 Run e-News – July 2016
We are over half way through the year and just over a week until Brisbane’s major marathon festival is upon us. Make sure you keep your hydration up leading into the event, even when it is cold. Being sufficiently hydrated will maximise your bodies ability to recover from training.

We hope that you are enjoying your taper and are getting excited for race day of Queensland’s second biggest marathon event. See you at the race on 7 August or in store!

Under 2 weeks to go until Brisbane Marathon Festival 2016

In this this issue:
Suunto Spartan GPS watch: When second best just won’t do…
Are your shoes ‘dead’?: A quick test determining the life of your shoes
Get that booty back: Plank your way to the strongest butt in running
Brisbane Marathon Festival: Online entry closes Thursday 4 August.
Twilight Bay Run: Another reason to enter the Bay Run in September.
Never run before?: Check out our success stories… from 2mins to 10km

Did you know running facts – Part 26
The hotter the temperature and the better the tailwind, the faster the records fall – in the sprint distance events anyway. Bolt’s record-breaking 9.58, set in Berlin in 2009, was assisted by a 0.9m/s tail wind and an air temperature in the high 20s.Usain Bolt - Fastest Man in the world

Bolt will be hoping for a tailwind of 2.0m/s, the maximum permissible for a world record at the Olympic Games in Rio this August. An increased tailwind reduces atmospheric drag, while hotter temperatures mean thinner air and fewer molecules impeding athletes’ paths.

For those in distance events the opposite is the case, with cooler temperatures the ideal requirement for faster times.

Stay healthy, keep active and have a happy run!

**NEW** Suunto Spartan – The epitome of innovation is here
Register your interest for the Spartan with intraining pre-orders
We as runner’s are always striving to achieve, to be fitter than yesterday, and to hurt a little less on that next run. GPS watches have been showing continual improvement, through ease of use and more features than we care to use. Until now…a game changer from Suunto has arrived in Spartan. With the help of the Spartan, we can easily interpret information on how hard we train, how to improve, share it with our peers and when we should be recovering based on data collected each training session.

Latest features of the NEW Spartan range at Suunto

– Up to 65hr battery in GPS mode (ideal for ultra runners)
– Outdoor grade, high quality colour touch screen
– Sapphire crystal screen (second only to diamond in hardness)
– Space grade titanium bezel
– Ease of use 3 button navigation
– Smart training insights
– Heat map route discovery (follow the path others have used and discover new places to run, ride and move)

If you are not willing to settle for second best and looking for a GPS watch that can do it all, get your pre-order in today for the new Suunto Spartan and be the first to enjoy the epitome of innovation…read more.


Suunto Spartan - Unrivalled durability and the epitome of innovation

The Dead Shoe test – Don’t put yourself at risk of injury
Key signs that you should replace your shoes
A commonly asked question is “how do you know when your shoes are worn out?” With improved production methods, the outsole (the part that makes contact with the ground) of the shoe often shoes very little sign of wear even after hundreds of kilometres.Click here to read more about the Dead Shoe Test

Key signs you need to replace your shoes
Are your legs are feeling more tired than usual after a long run?
Usually a subtle change over time and is not apparent until you try on a new shoes.
Are you ‘louder’ than normal on foot strike?
Older shoes often make a ‘thud’ sound when they hit the ground, as opposed to a quieter and smoother contact.
Do your shoes look uneven from behind?
Look at your shoes from behind – if they are tilting excessively inwards or outwards this may suggest that the shoes need to be replaced.

The ‘Dead Shoe Test’ involves bending the front half of the shoe in half, downwards towards the sole. In old and worn out shoes there will be little resistance and lesser recoil. This would suggest that the shock absorbing ability of the shoe is fading.

Test your shoes before your next run, if your shoes fail the ‘dead shoe test’, then avoid the potential for injury and get a new pair as soon as possible. Remember to get a re-fit as  your feet may have changed since your last purchase.

Work that booty – by Doug James (podiatrist & physio)
Core strength is the key to your running happiness…
Running is tough on the body, there is no secret there! And your knees can take a pounding, whichi is why we need to ensure that our muscles are helping keep them aligned.

The trick to keeping your knees happy is to build that booty by keeping your gluteal (hip) muscles strong. Single leg squats are a commonly prescribed exercise to build hip strength, however if you have a painful knee or poor balance you might find that the exercise is both difficult and ineffective.

Instead, bridge exercises – and particularly single leg bridges – are a useful way of improving strength without placing excessive pressure on the knee, or requiring much balance.

To perform a bridge, lay on your back with your knees bent 90˚ and feet flat on the floor. Raise your …click here to view read the full article on how to strengthen glutes and reduce medial knee pain.

Click here to read the full From the Sole Clinic eNewsletter for this month

‘From the Sole’ articles are written by our intraining Running Injury Clinic podiatry, physiotherapy, dietitian , massage therapy  and coaching team.

Make an appointment to see one of our clinicians who can assist with diagnosing and treating your running related injury.

Twilight Bay Run – Saturday 24 September 2016
Just another reason to join in the Bay RunTwilight Bay 2016 singlet and towel
The ever popular family fun event under the moon and stars will be held along the Wynnum Esplanade on 24 September.

Not only do participants get to enjoy a fireworks display over the Bay at 7pm…yeah, you could be finishing under a sky full of colours, but each participant receives the popular running specific and quite funky limited edition Twilight Bay singlet or Twilight towel as part of entry fees.

If you have been umming and ahhing about whether to enter, check out the 2016 singlet and towels on offer.

Events to consider
– Half marathon: Includes towel or running singlet and finisher medal
– 10km Run/Walk: Includes towel or running singlet and finisher medal
– 5km Run/Walk: Includes towel or running singlet and finisher medal
– 1km Active Kids Run: Includes towel, free games and finisher medal

Start your Spring with a bang and get your entry in for the Twilight Bay Run and join us for the 5th year anniversary under the moon and stars.


Love 2 Run April news

intraining’s monthly Love 2 Run e-News – April 2016
Alas, early morning sunrise is taking a lot longer to light up our morning runs than the Summer past and our evening sessions appear to fade into darkness quicker each day. Fear not, with the darkness comes a light at the end of the tunnel and in Queensland – that is cooler weather! So get out your reflective run gear, flashing lights and strap on your shoes because another exciting running season is ahead. See you out there.

In this this issue:
Light up your run: It is dark and you need to be seen out there
Run on clouds: Cushioned & lightweight? Yep, HOKA Clifton 2 is here
Plan your meals: Busy with life? Need a healthy hearty recovery meal?
Brisbane Marathon Festival: Entry fees increase 30 April 2016.
Twilight Bay Run: Get your entry in for Saturday 24th September.
New to running or need help?: Take a step forward with Couch 2 10km.

Free healthy lifestyle seminar - conducted by dietitian, chef and running coach, Liz Lovering

Did you know running facts – Part 24
George Derek IbbotsonIf you asked most runners in the know who was the first person to run 4mins for a mile, the answer would undoubtedly be Roger Bannister. The answer is actually Derek Ibbotson. You are probably shaking your head, however, the devil is in the detail. Roger Bannister was certainly the first person to break 4mins for a mile, but Derek Ibbotson was the first to run exactly 4mins for the mile.

Thankfully for his sanity, Derek did actually end up going under 4mins for the mile and setting a new world record in 1957 – which you can see here.

Stay healthy, keep active and have a happy run!

Why you need to light up your next run?
Make sure you are safe out running in the dark!
As the evenings draws shorter and we are forced to run more in darkness, it is a timely reminder to make sure you are safe when out pounding the pavements.

Whilst our eyes will adapt to the light, oncoming cyclists, cars and other pedestrians can suddenly appear from out of nowhere destined to ruin an enjoyable run. As a road/path user, it is your responsibility to make sure you have sufficient reflective gear and lights in place to maximise your safety. We have put together a few products and recommendations that are worth a look this running season.

Click here to read more about our top products to help light up your night.

Get your reflective clothing, lights and other running gear at intraining

Cushioned and lightweight…yep we can help…
Running on clouds with the NEW Hoka Clifton 2
Hoka have quickly become a household name and growing in popularity every day. The combination of ultra lightweight running feel and the ultra plush and cushioned sole is something we have not yet seen from other brands. Usually, you get one or the other – not both.

The original Hoka Clifton was a popular shoe and had heads turning. The unmistakably ‘Hoka’ sole profile is one you couldn’t miss. For those unaware of the Clifton, the shoe has a 5mm heel to toe drop and features a mild ‘rocker’ type sole to assist in toe off, essentially making it feel easier to run.

The NEW Clifton 2 retains all these great features as well as ‘triathlon style’ heel tab for quick pull ons, cushioned tongue and even though we thought it couldn’t get any better – more cushioning. The Hoka Clifton 2 is also slightly narrower than the original with a more streamlined fit that really feels like it is holding your foot nicely in place.

If you find your joints are aching post run, want to try something new or are just interested to see how they compare to your current shoes, make sure you visit intraining Running Centre.

We have a wide range of Hoka footwear available in store to suit different foot types. Our trained staff are able to assist selecting the right fit for your foot. Make sure you bring your current shoes in for an assessment and we will help find your foot’s ‘happy place’.

Wide range of Hoka shoes available at intraining Running Centre

Plan your meals – by Liz Lovering (dietitian and chef)
Help your body recover properly by planning ahead…
If you train in the evening, by the time you get home you may not feel like preparing or eating a regular evening meal. Hearty soups are just perfect in the cooler months as they are not too heavy on the stomach if you get home late. A warm soup can also provide you with the nutrition your body needs after a tough training session.

If you are busy with work, home life and training a little bit of meal planning can make the difference between going home and not really bothering with recovery nutrition or going home to a prepared meal that is good for recovery and tastes great.

Click here to view our hearty and healthy Butter Bean, Chicken and Kale soup that will help you recover and get ready for your next session.

Click here to read the full From the Sole Clinic eNewsletter for this month

‘From the Sole’ articles are written by our intraining Running Injury Clinic podiatry, physiotherapy, dietitian , massage therapy  and coaching team.

Make an appointment to see one of our clinicians who can assist with diagnosing and treating your running related injury.

Brisbane Marathon Festival – 25th anniversary
Entry fees increase midnight Saturday 30 April
Excitement is building quickly with thousands eager to be a part of the special celebration in 2016. Brisbane Marathon Festival will be held on Sunday 7 August as Queensland’s capital city marathon event.


The Brisbane Marathon is Queensland’s second oldest official marathon event. Make 2016 your year to complete the marathon in Brisbane on one of the most picturesque courses in Australia.Join the event on Facebook and keep up to date with the latest news

The predominantly flat course in Brisbane and early starting times are ideal for breaking personal best times.

Current Entry fees (valid until midnight 30 April):

42.195km Marathon: $100.00 (+$20 after 30 April)
21.0975km Half Marathon: $80.00 (+$10 after 30 April)
10km Run/Walk: $65.00 (+$10 after 30 April)
5km Run/Walk: $45.00 (+$5 after 30 April)
2.2km Kids Mini Mara: $20.00 (+$5 after 30 April)

Brisbane Marathon Festival - 25th anniversary - Entries now open

Let us help you join the wonderful world of running…
*NEW* Couch 2 10km program starts – 9 May
Running is a fantastic sport that anyone can do. We all need to start somewhere, so why not join like minded friends on a journey to becoming a runner and completing 10km running in a matter of 13 weeks.

Who is it for? Beginner runners and those new to running.
When does it start? 9 May 2016.
Do I need to pay a joining fee? No, it is not compulsory to join the club.
How much does it cost? $5 (for members) and $8 (for non members).

If you are interested and want to find out more information about how you can get involved with the upcoming Couch 2 10km program which starts on 9 May. Click here.

Take a step towards running today with Couch 2 10km

Clearance Sale

The intraining Running Centre at 33 Park Road, Milton holding a 20-50% off clearance sale on 28-29 November.

Opening hours

Saturday: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Sunday: 9:00am – 4:00pm

Snippet of items on clearance

  • Brooks Adrenaline – $120 (usually $229.95)
  • Hoka OneOne Huaka – $99 (usually $199.95)
  • Mizuno Wave Rider – $99 (usually $199.95)
  • TomTom GPS Multisport – $125 (usually $249.95)
  • 2XU Triathlon Clothing – 40% off retail price
  • 2XU Compression Apparel – 20% off retail price
  • Buy 2 pairs of socks and receive a 3rd pair free

All purchases over $100 include a FREE gift to help you enjoy your running even more

Items in clearance sale are marked at the sale price. Ensure you arrive early to ensure your size is still available.