Infinite energy – Brooks Levitate

Infinite Energy – NEW Brooks Levitate

Let’s face it, we have all had that ‘wonder’ shoe that we have loved and probably wore until the outsole were literally flapping in the breeze. Only to find that it has changed completely in the new model. Frustrating – you bet. The new wonder shoe introduced by Brooks is the result of years of research, development and testing to create a shoe with ultimate energy return – LEVITATE.

Levitate gives runners the motivation to run, run and run as if it were an effortless pursuit. It offers the ultimate springy ride and cushion experience, which we have found in testing to actually help you run easier. This is made possible by the unrivaled energy return of our new DNA Amp midsole technology.

Watch the video below about how Levitate was developed


Brooks_Levitate4Features include

  • Intuitive fit: The fit knit upper comfortably accommodate your foot as it moves and expandswith your foot. Offer the ultimate, friction free experience. It is like you are wearing nothing at all.
  • Energized cushioning: The highest level of energy return compared to any other perofrmance running shoe, Levitate’s DAN AMP midsold technology gives energy nowhere to go but up, straight to you. This is FREE speed, maximising every ounce of energy you are putting in and translating this to the road and ultimately, your speed.
  • Quick transitions: The new outsole features a flexible, arrow-point pattern designed to quickly help you move from heel to toe during your running gait, without losing any energy. The result is a smooth ride that will keep help ensure you are as efficient as possible and essentially make running feel easier.Brooks_Levitate1


  • Shoe type: Neutral (designed for a person who does not overpronate)
  • Arch: Medium to high arch profile
  • Designed for road use
  • Weight: 318g (men), 275g (women)
  • Heel to forefoot drop: 8mm

If you are interested in experiencing the future of running technology, visit the intraining Running Centre footwear experts at Milton or Indooroopilly this summer and realise your potential.