NY Resolution Sale

ShoeWall_SmallKeep your promise in 2018 and get fit

The New Year is here and it is time to get fit. This weekend only intraining Running Centre are helping you keep your resolution with a clearance sale that is light on the wallet.

Whether you’re looking for a new pair of shoes or a pair to rotate. All the big brands are on sale at a fraction of the retail price. Need a new running GPS watch to keep track of your fitness progress? How about a whopping 50% off all Suunto range in store. Get ready to track your fitness on Strava and show your mates how 2018 is going to be a big one.

Quick sale facts

Date: 12-14 January 2018
Where: intraining Running Centre, 33 Park Road, Milton (click here to view)
Time: Doors open 9am

What are the deals?

  • Up to 60% off footwear
  • 30% off Asics Lite-Show and other reflective apparel (perfect as the days get shorter)
  • 50% off Suunto GPS watches
  • 3 x Love2Run singlets for just $30* (usually $39.95 each!)
  • Plus much more in store…

*Items as marked. Does not include Australiana singlets and tee’s



Nike Vaporfly 4% – Free speed

Vaporfly4percent3FREE SPEED – The future of running

Nike Zoom 4%

In January 2016, just before the marathon trials for the Rio games. Nike began developing the Vaporfly 4% system and dedicating most of its science to creating the tooling (the bottom portion of the shoe) in June 2013. The tooling features new Nike ZoomX foam that is ultra-lightweight, soft and capable of providing up to 85-percent energy return.

Embedded within the foam is a full-length curved carbon fiber plate that increases stiffness to provide a sensation of propulsion and acts like a coiled spring system with every stride. Together, these features deliver an average of 4-percent improvement in running economy when compared to the Zoom Nike Streak 6 (currently Nike’s fastest racing flat on the market) — which can have a huge impact on how an athlete feels and performs during a race as long as a marathon.

Vaporfly4percent1You are probably thinking… yes, but if it is a racing shoe it will be too light for just the ‘average’ runner to use for a long distance event. Yes, the shoe is incredibly light at just 185g, but thanks to Nikes ZoomX cushioning technology the shoe cushioning feels like your high mileage long distance training shoe. Think we are joking… try a pair on.

3 key features that the ‘average’ runner will love

  • 10mm heel to toe offset: The higher than average racing flat heel to toe offset is designed to take strain away from the Achilles tendon.
  • Ultra light weight at just 185g
  • Superior cushioning – akin to your most cushioned high mileage training shoe

What do we think of the Nike Vaporfly 4%?

If you’re a 3:30 marathoner this shoe has the potential to help you take 8-10 minutes off of your time without any additional training. Based on feedback from intraining Running Centre customers and staff members, these shoes really do seem to help you run faster for longer. One intraining customer ran over 2 minutes faster on one of his standard courses 12km courses in training and said the shoes felt like he could have kept on going. Whilst the high price tag of $350 may put some people off, the potential gains to be realised are significant.

The question now is … how much does that PB really mean to you?

The Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% is available in limited quantities and is sold out worldwide. Luckily we have a small but limited size run of the Vaporfly 4% available in stock at intraining Running Centre – Milton location.



Love2Run – June17 e news


intraining’s Love 2 Run e-News – June 2017

The Gold Coast Marathon is almost here! There will be runners who are fitter than ever, others longing for a return to running after injury and some who are content to keep building fitness with other goals such as Brisbane Marathon Festival and Twilight Bay Run ahead. Whichever boat you sit in, we hope you are enjoying your running so far this season.

This month’s edition of Love 2 Run enews focuses pre-event nutrition, mid season running injuries as well as keeping up with the latest in trendy running gear.

We love running at intraining, whether you are keen to find out if your shoes are ready for replacement, have an injury that just won’t go away or you just want to have a chat about your running – we are here 7 days a week.

In this this issue:
Nike Zoom Fly: The fastest shoe in the world has arrived #breaking2
Sore heel? Need help?: Introducing the new runners’ wonder sock
Calf injuries and you: Pain in the calf holding you back?…here’s why.
Pre-event nutrition tips: Nail your nutrition before race day.
Brisbane Marathon Festival: Commit now before the Friday price rise
Twilight Bay Run: The event (singlets) that stopped the nation.

Did you know running facts – Part 5
Keep hydrated and fuel your performanceDehydration greater than 2% of your body weight may result in a decline in performance, which may have a negative effect on the intensity of your race and training sessions. The average person will sweat approximately 1.4L per hour of running. How much do you sweat?

What should you do to stay hydrated?
– Drink to thirst – when you are thirsty make sure you drink before and during the race
– Drink little and often – avoid consuming large volumes of fluid throughout the race
– Measuring body weight before and after a training session, will give you a guide to how much fluid you lose in sweat (for a given environmental and exercising condition).

Stay healthy, keep active and have a happy run!

#Breaking2 – We have the NEW Nike Zoom Fly available
Your PB is just a pair of shoes away!
First there was the sub four minute mile barrier, which seemed impossible. Today, there is the seeminly impossible sub two hour marathon mark. The solution… a new shoe developed by Nike with the claim of a 4% improvement in time.

We have recently received the latest #breaking2 inspired Nike Zoom Fly in store. The unique fit and feel of the shoe is unlike anything we have experienced. In our initial testing, it feels as though you float along the ground with less effort. It almost feels like the shoe is pushing you forward or like you are running with a tailwind. Whilst the shoe is lightweight, the cushioning is to the contrary. This shoe feels as comfortable as a training shoe with all the benefits of a racing shoe.

When you have done all the training and you are looking for that little extra edge, the new Nike Zoom Fly may be your ticket to that personal best time. Available in both male and female sizing at the intraining Running Centre.

Keen to give them a go? Ready to experience effortless running? Drop by the store and see if the new Nike Zoom Fly has what it takes to propel you towards your goal at your next event.

Remember, as with all shoe purchases at intraining Running Centre, our trained footwear specialists will analyse your running gait to ensure you put your best foot forward.

Nike Zoom Fly - #breaking2 inspired - Available at intraining Running Centre

Feetures – The new wonder sock is here
Sore heel holding you back? This sock can help
Ever had that frustrating feeling when you wake up in the morning and find out you have a sore heel? Plantar fasciitis (PF) is a condition caused by drastic or sudden increases in mileage, poor foot structure, and inappropriate running shoes, which can overload the plantar fascia, the connective tissue that runs from the heel to the base of the toes, resulting in heel pain. If you have every had PF, chances are you know it can be a real pain to overcome.

Enter the new Plantar Fascia compression sock from Feetures. This is the latest high-quality recovery focused foot garment to hit the shelves at intraining Running Centre. Whilst not the silver bullet in curing plantar fascia pain, they’re a great adjunct treatment for sufferers of Plantar Fasciopathy. Read more here how the new wonder sock can help provide relief and get you back out running quicker.

The Plantar Fascia Compression Socks from Feetures have recently been launched worldwide. We are excited that intraining Running Centre is one of the first few locations you can get your hands on a pair … well, your feet in a pair!

Feetures PF sock- available at intraining Running Centre

Calf injuries – Doug James (podiatrist, physiotherapist & runner)
Find out the how and why of your calf concerns
There are few things more frustrating than spending months training for a race, only for an injury to prevent you from being able to run it. Calf and lower leg injuries are responsible for a good number of these ‘DNS’ (Did Not Start) type injuries, but many of them are preventable.

Your calf muscles and lower legs are like barometers for how well you are handling your training load. Pain and muscle tightness are often signs of overuse and may signal an oncoming injury. The biggest cause of running injuries are errors in your training approach.

At this point of the season errors may be due to not allowing sufficient recovery time between hard sessions, and failing to heed warnings that you are pushing too hard.

Optimal performance comes from finding…read the full article here.

Calf Injury - Read article by Doug James (podiatrist, physiotherapist and runner)

‘From the Sole’ articles are written by our intraining Running Injury Clinic podiatry, physiotherapy, dietitian , massage therapy  and coaching team.

Make an appointment to see one of our clinicians who can assist with diagnosing and treating your running related injury.

Pre-event nutrition – Liz Lovering – (dietitian, cheft and runner)
Optimise your pre event nutrition to get the best result
Although there is no one ‘best’ food to have pre-event, type and timing is important.  Everyone is different in what they prefer to have before they race. But, in general, your pre-event meal or snack should be rich in carbohydrate, low in fibre, (important if you have issues with gut upset), easy to digest (higher fat foods digest at a slower rate) and most importantly familiar.

Runner nutrition - Nail your next racePre-event nutrition must be practiced in training. This is so you can find out what works best for you. You need to allow adequate time for digestion. It can take anything from 2-4 hours to digest a full meal so if your event starts early in the morning, rather than impact on sleep, have a carb rich snack before bed and in the morning a read the full article here in this months issue of ‘From the Sole‘.

If you are keen to nail your next big event, your nutrition strategy can play a big part in your result. Maximise your performance and make an appointment to see intraining dietitian and nutritionist, Liz Lovering.

(health fund rebates available with minimal out of pocket expense)

Brisbane Marathon Festival 2017
News just in – Early bird entry extended!
Good news for all of those participating at the Gold Coast Marathon this weekend. Enjoy your event this weekend and rest easy that you can still save on your Brisbane entry until Friday 7th July. We have just received word from Brisbane Marathon that early bird entry fees have been extended.


The new course for the 26th annual Brisbane Marathon Festival has been announced. Featuring a flatter and faster course in 2017, designed for to achieve your PB goals this running season. Check it out here.

Set your sights on completing the full or half marathon, 10km, 5km and let the kids loose in the NEW 1km Mini Marathon.

Click here

FREE Brisbane Marathon training group at intraining Milton store - 6pm Wednesdays

Twilight Bay Run – Saturday 23 September 2017
Ever run at night…with fireworks over head?
Make sure you get your entry in for one of the most exciting events of the year at Twilight Bay Run. The very special super early bird rate increases at midnight tonight.


If you have not experienced a run under the moon and stars, now is the time to get your entry in for the 6th annual Twilight Bay Run in Wynnum. Forget the early morning wakeup and get ready to stride it out under the stars on Saturday 23rd September. Featuring, half marathon, 10km run/walk, 5km run/walk and 1km kids event this is one for the whole family to enjoy.

Click here

Join in the fun at Twilight Bay Run - Saturday 23 September

Nike Lunarglide 8

Nike Lunarglide 8 – Your go to shoe this season

Weight: 275 grams (Mens) / Heel drop: 9.5mm

Reviewed by: James Bell
5km PB: 20:20

LunarGlide8_Image2In recent years the Brooks Ravenna and Asics DS Trainer have been my preferred running shoes but I am always on the look out for suitable alternatives. On paper the Nike Lunarglide 8 appears to be another ideal option for a mild over-pronator like myself. The support in the Lunarglide comes from an angled piece of responsive foam inside the shoe named the Lunarlon wedge; this differs from the traditional medial-posted shoes that I have generally worn.

Several older Nike models have been a little roomy and loose in the upper for my narrow feet, however the first thing I noticed about the Lunarglide was it’s snug and secure fit, aided by the adaptive, flywire technology. This definitely prevented any foot movement within the shoe.

On hard road surfaces the Lunarglide provided a cushioned and springy ride without feeling too padded and heavy, softer and less supportive than the Ravenna. My foot strike was also noticeably quieter than in the DS Trainer. This smooth experience is made possible by the foam wedge, laser-cut grooves on the side of the midsole and curved, molded pods underneath which all give flexibility and traction while absorbing the impact at key points. The only downside is the pod slits can often catch small stones, making them not such a great choice for gravel or rough trails.

Key points:

  • A lightweight stability option
  • Breathable, supportive, one-piece upper
  • Cheaper than many alternatives in this category at $199.95
  • Sleek styling

Overall the Lunarglide is a real surprise; the rounded, minimalist appearance would be equally at home as an everyday lifestyle shoe. It has a plush, supportive, sock-like feel with just enough structure and cushioning for daily running, high-tempo or long distance, easy paced training.

intraining Running Centre stock over 100 different performance running shoe models from seven brands, including Asics, Brooks, Hoka, Mizunoe, New Balance, Nike and Saucony. Our comprehensive range of footwear allows our trained staff to help you get the right fit for your foot every time.

If you have trouble getting shoes to fit your feet or simply looking for advice to keep you running happily, visit the experts at intraining Running Centre to find your Cinderella fit.

Nike Flyknit Streak

Nike Flyknit Streak – Two birds. One stone.

By Shaun Lee
Runner and intraining Sponsored Athlete

I have worn Nike shoes for the majority of my running life, including a variety of training shoes, racing shoes and even track spikes. I didn’t initially think there was a room for another racer type shoe in the Nike range. However when I first slipped on the Flyknit Streaks I was pleasantly surprised with a shoe that offers the best of both worlds of cushioning, flexibility and a lightweight responsive feel.FlynitStreak_Shaun

At one end of the racing and speed work spectrum you have the Nike Lunar Racer which is predominantly used for speed sessions as well as racing my go-to racing shoe for 5km and 10km (it is even used by many for distances up to a full marathon!). Although the Lunar Racer is a great shoe, it’s definitely not for everyone due to the with a spongy feel underfoot.

At the other end of the spectrum, the Nike Flyknit Racer and Nike Zoom Streak LT take care of racing and training for any non spike event up to 10km. Whilst ultra lightweight, there is minimal cushioning and it doesn’t offer enough support for anything other than your short speed sessions and race day where you want to pull out all stops in your quest for a PB.

Then, you have the Nike Flyknit Streak which is an extremely versatile shoe that “kills two birds with one stone” and essentially covers about 80% the spectrum offering a lightweight responsive shoe, which still offers the protection of a much heavier shoe thanks to Nike’s innovative technology. The Flyknit Streak has a mild ‘rocker type sole’ which offers protection for your Achilles and a smooth transition from heel to forefoot. The upper of the shoe features Nike’s Flyknit technology. The ultra light weight upper conforms to your foot shape and ensures a super comfortable fit that feels like you are wearing a second sock. Caution though, this Flyknit shoe is more suited to a narrow foot and is promotes a firm but comfortable feeling.

FlyknitStreak1I would recommend this shoe if you are looking for a versatile shoe that doesn’t compromise on weight or cushioning for your next assault on your personal best.

Who should give these shoes a go

  • Neutral footed runners looking for a light responsive shoe for racing and speed training
  • Triathletes looking for a shoe that is easy to get on in transition
  • Runners looking for a fast race shoe that offers enough cushioning to protect the Achilles and calves.
  • Runners with narrower feet

Similar shoes: Brooks Racer ST | Mizuno Hitogami

Who these shoes wouldn’t suit

  • Runners with wide feet (especially around the middle of the foot- the shoe features a ‘curve’ last)
  • Runners who over pronate

intraining Running Centre have one of the largest ranges of racing shoes available in Queensland from all the major brands. If you are looking to maximise your potential in running, triathlon or track running, visit us in store and try on our range of racing shoes to find your Cinderella fit.

Love2Run – January17 e news

  intraining’s monthly Love 2 Run e News – January 2017
Welcome to the New Year of our monthly Love2Run eNewsletter. With new goals and a refreshed body it is time to ready yourself for the year ahead! The start of a new year means a resolve from many of us to get fit, lose weight, run faster, start running or even just keep a more balanced life.

Whichever your goals are for the year ahead, remember that we are more than just a running store. Whether you need advice on footwear to kickstart that motivation, looking for tips on how to improve your running or need help with a running injury, we are here 7 days a week to satisfy all your running needs.

The easiest way to finish a half or full marathon in 2017

In this this issue:
Keeping your cool in summer: Is technical running apparel worth it?
Back2School shoes: Are your kids worth the investment?
Pain in the heel?: Sharp pain in the heel? It may be Plantar Fasciits
Lost your running mojo?: Get back on track with Run101 – 22 January
Running Form Workshop Series: Toe runner, heel runner or no idea?
Twilight Running Festival: Join over 6000 runners in March

Did you know running facts – Part 1
It is a known fact that as we age, unfortunately we get slower… or is it fact? Ed Whitlock of Canada seems to defy the basics of ageing as he continues to break world records. He now holds over 20 age records.

At the age of 73, Ed ran an astonishing 2hr53min marathon… that was over 10 years ago. Is he still running? You bet, at the age of 85 he continues to run into the record books and recorded a 3hr56min marathon in October last year.

If you ever needed some motivation to get out there and give it a go, even if others think you can’t do it… think of old Ed Whitlock.

Stay healthy, keep active and have a happy run!

Keep your cool with the latest summer range of clothing
Technical running clothing… yes it does exist!
Nike Racing Print - Lightweight and breathable. The ultimate in technical running apparelTechnical apparel may seem extravagant, but as your friends may already have found, once you go technical, there is no turning back. Technical running apparel is made from fabrics that offer performance features and benefits that your old cotton tee is sorely lacking.

Technical apparel that’s worn next to your skin—whether it’s a top, sports bra, tights, or shorts are designed to wick moisture (that is, sweat) away from your body. Clothing made of cotton, by contrast, holds sweat, makes you more prone to chafing and leaves you looking like a sweaty mess at the end of a run.

Technical clothing on the other hand dries quickly, leaving you dry and comfortable througout your session. For beginning runners on a run/walk program, gear made of high-tech fabrics can be particularly useful as it moves sweat off you during run portions so that you’re warm during the walk sections.

Lightweight material approximately 1/5th the weight of cotton teeWhether you are an avid runner, occassional runner or just enjoy exercising outdoors, something you should not skimp on is moisture wicking clothing.

At intraining Running Centre, we have a range of technical running apparel that will help you enjoy your running that little bit more.

Are you Back2School ready?
How important are kids shoes really?
Your children’s footwear is a priceless investment in their future. It’s important to purchase good quality shoes, and also ensure they are well-fitted.

Are your kids worth the investment?Spending the time and money on your children’s feet and footwear during their younger years will reap many benefits throughout their schooling years and even into adulthood. Wearing good footwear will reduce their risk of short and long-term injury, and save from unexpected, expensive health practitioner bills.

Three important factors when buying kids shoes
1. Fit: Make sure your kids shoes fit them today. A mistake many parents make is buying shoes that kids will ‘grow into’. This can affect their running gait, flex shoes in the wrong place and ultimately lead to injury.
2. Quality shoes: Let’s face it, kids are tough on shoes! But, not all shoes are created equal. Yes, kids will wear through shoes quickly, but a quality pair of shoes will help them in the long term. Kids have the same bones, muscles and tendons as adults, this means they also need the cushioning and support that we as adults have.
3. Specificity: This may be a luxury for some, but if your child is an avid runner, make sure they have a pair of shoes specifically for their running and another for general wear. Doing this, like adults, will help increase the life of both shoes.

Read the full article written by intraining podiatrist, runner and coach, Emily on the importance of children’s footwear.

intraining Running Centre have a huge range of kids running shoes and black leather shoes starting from childrens size one starting at just $79.95.

Plantar Fasciitis – Emily Donker (podiatrist)
Pain in the heel that just won’t go away?
Plantar Fasciitis (or Fasciopathy) is one of the most common foot complaints seen by podiatrists and physiotherapists. Sufferers will usually complain of sharp, stabbing pain that is worst in the mornings and after periods of inactivity. During rest, soft tissue structures cool down and tighten, so they’re over-stretched with excessive load on return to activity.

Exercise and extended periods of weight-bearing and walking will also usually aggravate symptoms due to increased load and strain through the aggravated Fascia. Pain may be tolerable during activity, but worse afterwards or with fatigue.

In chronic injury presentations, there is typically less inflammation and the pain is more inconsistent. Chronic pain without appropriate treatment and resolution will not only prolong recovery time, but can also increase the risk of developing …click here to view the full article in January’s From the Sole enews.

Pain in the heel (Plantar Fasciitis - By Emily Donker (podiatrist)

‘From the Sole’ articles are written by our intraining Running Injury Clinic podiatry, physiotherapy, dietitian , massage therapy  and coaching team.

Make an appointment to see one of our clinicians who can assist with diagnosing and treating your running related injury.

Run101 – A Running Masterclass
Want to start your 2017 right…but don’t know where to start?
Run101 is an informative and inspiring day of seminars and workshops designed to empower you with skills and knowledge you’ll need to maintain your fitness goals and improve your running in 2017.

Each session throughout the day will be conducted by running experts and professionals; including running coaches, podiatrists, physiotherapist and dietitian.

Kick start your 2017 with Run101 – Conference Day and get your running mojo back on track.

Date: Sunday 22nd January 2017
Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm
Cost: $99.00
Location: intraining Running Centre – 33 Park Road, Milton.

Running Form Workshop Series – Jan/Feb 2017
Toe runner, heel striker… don’t really know how you run?
Are you a toe runner, heel runner or don’t really know how you run? The 2017 Running Form Workshop is a hands on running specific workshop conducted over three key sessions during a three week period.

Ever wondered why or how some people can run so fast? Just think they are freaks? The big secret to running faster starts with your running form. Without sound running form, your capacity to improve will be minimised, no matter how much running you do. The workshop will provide participants with a hands on experience, with detailed and demonstrated drills to help improve your running form.

All running drills are conducted under the supervision of podiatrists, physiotherapists and running coaches who are experts in running form and biomechanics.

Click here to find out more about
Running Form Workshop Series
Jan-Feb 2017

Get your running right for 2017 with Running Form Workshop Series

UQ Twilight Running Festival 2017
Are you ready to join over 6000 others under the stars?
The UQ Twilight Running Festival is set to be the biggest Twilight event yet on 19th March 2017. Over 6000 participants are ready to run under the moon and stars for one of the first major running events in Queensland.

Are you ready to rock the night at Twilight?
Enter online now

Whether you are running your very first event or looking to better your personal best time, the UQ Twilight Running Festival welcomes all ages and abilities for a fantastic evening of fun. Come along and join in the biggest Twilight Run event in Australia.

This is a running event you do not want to miss. Run under the moon and stars in 2017. Online entry is now open.

Set yourself a goal in 2017 - Half Marathon, 10km, 5km and 1km Active Kids Run

New Year Sale weekend

The new year is here and boy do we have a sale planned for you! Get yourself set for 2017 with the biggest sale of the year on everything running. Whether you are looking for a new pair of running shoes, a second pair to alternate (check out why you should alternate), need to get the kids sorted or want to refresh your running wardrobe, there are some massive savings to at intraining Running Centre, Milton with up to 50% off footwear across all major brands.

Doors open at 9:00am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

13-15 JANUARY 2017


More deals to whet your appetite for a spending frenzy

  • Selected Garmin and Suunto on sale
  • 10% off all nutrition storewide
  • Buy two pair of socks and get a third pair FREE
  • Buy two Love2Run singlet/tees and get a second FREE
  • Free gift with every footwear purchase
  • Even more in store…a sale not to be missed!




Nike Pegasus 33 – Shoe Review

Nike Pegasus 33 – No compromise shoe with looks to boot!

By Kerri Hodge
intraining Staff Member
Sub 3hr Marathoner

The latest edition of the Nike Pegasus provides a fast and compact feel without compromising on cushioning and comfort. A flexible shoe suitable for the neutral runner, it is able to handle high mileage so you won’t be left feeling sore underfoot.

At 250 grams (US9 W), it sits between the Brooks Launch and the slightly lighter Hoka Clifton in terms of weight, but it’s not as bulky as the Clifton and has a more responsive ride.

The seamless mesh upper won’t rub or irritate bunions, and the Flywire cables ensure your feet won’t move around in the shoe. What’s more, the Pegasus also looks fantastic.

It’s a good idea to have different shoes for different uses. Being an avid Hoka wearer I would use the Clifton for my long easy training runs, and bring out the Pegasus for faster-paced training and racing when I need more speed.

If you haven’t owned a pair of Nikes since the 80s now might be the time to re-visit this iconic shoe and see why it remains one of the most popular and long-lived on the market. I wasn’t disappointed!

Key reasons why I like the Nike Pegasus 33

  • Lightweight
  • Superior cushioning
  • Durability
  • Stylish look
  • Well priced at $179.95

Nike Pegasus 33 Specifications

ARCH: Medium, High
BODY BUILD: Small, Medium, Large
SURFACE: Road/Track
WEIGHT: 306g (mens size US9) /250g (womens size US9)

Review date: December 2016

Christmas 2016

Give the gift of fitness this Christmasshoewall (800x533)

Let’s face it – Christmas gift shopping can be stressful if you don’t know what your friends and family would like. Nobody wants to give a dud on Christmas day.

Worry not! We have put together our top picks for Christmas 2016, so you can take the guesswork out of gift giving. Give that fitness freak something they really want this Christmas, and receive the kudos for coming up with the idea yourself!

From running socks and compression tights through to GPS watches and accessories – we have thought of it all for that special runner in your life, so you don’t have to.

Take a look inside at

intraining Runners Wishlist for Christmas 2016

Great gift ideas any fitness freak will love.

Stuck for sizes, not sure if it will fit? Ask our friendly staff at intraining Running Centre, we can help you make the right decision! Still struggling to make a decision? Purchase a gift voucher online or in-store at intraining Running Centre Milton or Indooroopilly.


Racing in new shoes

How late is too late to change shoes before a big race? There are no hard and fast rules, but essentially it’s never too late. And besides, rules are made to be broken aren’t they?

Rule 1: If it’s not broken, don’t fix it

Whilst old shoes are comfortable and familiar, they’re tired from all the training you’ve done! Shoes lose cushioning, and responsiveness as they age, and the older your shoes are, the greater your injury risk. You may have forgotten how good a new pair of shoes can feel to run in! You’ll know as soon as you do that your old shoes are ready for the garden.

Rule 2: Don’t try anything new on race day

Running in brand new shoes on race day is not recommended, but it has been done many times before. The cushioning materials used to manufacture shoes these days are fantastic. Your shoes should be comfortable right from the get go, and you shouldn’t need to wear them in at all.

However, it’s still recommended that you run in new shoes a couple of times during training prior to race day. Ideally you want to purchase new shoes a couple of weeks prior to race day, and run in them a few times. If you’re running in a different type/style of shoe compared to what you’re used to, it can take a couple of runs to get used to a different feeling.

Running in a more relaxed and controlled environment means you have the time and ability to deal with potential issues, should they arise. Doing some longer running as well as some faster speed/tempo efforts in these shoes during training will ensure that the shoes will be comfortable and suitable for your race.

Article written by: Emily Donker (podiatrist, runner and running coach at intraining Running Centre)

For more articles and information about running, injuries and footwear – check out our monthly ‘From the Sole‘ newsletter written by our intraining podiatry, physiotherapy, dietitian and coaching team.

Christmas 2015

Give the gift of fitness in Christmas 2015

Let’s face it – Christmas gift shopping can be stressful if you don’t know what your friends and family would like. Nobody want to give a dud on Christmas day. We decided to put together a range of gift ideas to suit any fitness freak you would like to give the gift of fitness this Christmas.

From running socks and compression tights through to GPS watches and accessories – we have thought of it all so you dont have to.

Take a look inside at the intraining Christmas 2015 Wishlist for some great ideas any runner would love to receive.

Stuck for sizes, not sure if it will fit? Ask our friendly staff at intraining Running Centre, we can help you make the right decision!